Friday, May 29, 2009

Pink Pineapple Event!!!

Leah Fung, Donna Salazar and myself (Johanna Peterson) ** if you forgot :) are teaching at Pink Pineapple Scrapbook Store - June 13th, we are having a techniques workshop where you will be immersed in tons of scrapping techniques, tips and tricks! we are doing a great make and take ...the famous slider card by Pine Cone Press. If you have not seen this card in action, it is so fun!! here is a link to the Pink Pineapple Blog, they have directions and a phone number so you can sign up!!! the link is here
Leah is teaching her amazing Fancy Pants wall hanging, Donna is teaching her Wonderful mini album and I am teaching my 2 house cards, using Prima paintables.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

14 hour crop

10 am Saturday, May 30th at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store
this is a great deal!
3 classes
2 mini projects
Leah Fung is teaching her prima calendar
Donna Salazar is teaching her Prima paintables banner that is from the Girl Friends book by Pinecone Press
Johanna (me) is teaching a school book mini album (from the sticker book by Pinecone Press)
we are going to have a card buffet for you to dive in and create till your little hands just cant create any longer
we are also going to make a darling "a gift for you" slider card to hold a gift card.
If you are in the San Diego area, you should consider attending this crop!! See you there!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Girlfriends Club Book!!!

It's here! The title just sums it up.."3 Girlfriends, 3 Unique Styles" - It's so fun how we all approach a project.
wow. Not just because I am part of this book, but being totally unbiased here...the book is packed with ideas, tips and step by step techniques.
The book is $8 and the book with both kits is $28 - you can order it here on the Girlfriends Club Blog, it has a button to take you to the Pine Cone Press website, or better yet, ask your local store to carry the book and or kits, or BETTER YET...ask your local store to have Leah, Donna and I come out to teach some of the project kits in the book!!
thanks to my scrappy friends, Leah Fung and Donna Salazar for all their amazing talent and time they put in this book, I am convinced the book is much better with projects from 3 scrapbookers, rather than just one. I think we have more to offer collectively, than alone.
Also, thanks to Sandy for all the time she picked up my slack with meals, housework and the girls while I was working late into the night on this book. Your support and friendship is unparalleled :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yay for Davi's tiny school

this is an article that was on the front page of the paper today :) yay for her tiny school!! I can't say enough about her school, it has changed her view of school and she has become excited about education. I am so blessed she got in the school and that it is right down the street from where we live.

Small school, big numbers
River Valley Charter School continues its run of excellence in statewide testing
By Leonel Sanchez Union-Tribune Staff Writer
2:00 a.m. May 12, 2009
River Valley Charter School recorded an 894 for its high school students in statewide testing last year. It was the fifth year in a row that River Valley, which combines home school and classroom instruction, had the San Diego County's top high school score. (John R. McCutchen / Union-Tribune) -
894 River Valley Charter School
881 Preuss High at UCSD
850 Coronado High
849 Torrey Pines High
845 Poway High
SOURCE: California Department of Education
LAKESIDE — River Valley Charter School began more than a decade ago with a group of parents who wanted a small school that mixed home schooling with classroom instruction.
Today the Lakeside school with an enrollment of 210 boasts the highest scores in San Diego County on a statewide measure of high school students.
Last year, River Valley scored 894 on the state's Academic Performance Index, which is based on results of standardized math, English, science and history tests. It was the fifth year in a row the school had the county's top high school score, higher than larger schools with academic reputations, including Preuss High at UCSD, Coronado High and Torrey Pines High.
River Valley students took the tests again last week and the school will get the results this summer.
For most schools the goal is to score 800 on the index, which has a scale of 200 to 1,000. High schools have a harder time reaching that number than elementary and middle schools because their course work is more complicated and their enrollment usually is larger.
River Valley has scored at least 823 on the API every year since 2003. School officials attribute the high scores to small class sizes and strong parental involvement. The school has an 18-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, compared with a 24-to-1 ratio in the Grossmont Union High School District last year, according to state data.
The school's founders last year opened a similar school in City Heights, a low-income neighborhood in San Diego.
“We wanted to find another population, a needier population, and see what we could do there,” said Bill Wellhouse, River Valley's former principal.
His wife, who home-schooled their son, led the parent drive to open the school in 1997 with the Lakeside Union School District as its sponsor.
Established districts sponsor charter schools, but charter schools operate with fewer restrictions than traditional schools. However, they must still comply with certain requirements, such as state testing.
About 160 River Valley high school students took the state tests last year, including some seventh-and eighth-graders, a much smaller number than at a typical high school. High school seniors are not required to take the tests.
Denise Huang, senior researcher at the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards & Student Testing, said with a small group it doesn't take many students to push test score averages in either direction.
“It's easier to get a high score for a small school,” Huang said.
A study by the Rand Corp. recently found that students at charter high schools had about the same test scores as students at traditional schools, but charter high school students were more likely to graduate and attend college.
River Valley, a 2005 California Distinguished School, is one of about 100 “hybrid” charter schools in the state that combines home school and classroom instruction.
Principal Cheryl Bloom said the school's goal is to prepare students for college.
Her students are regular teenagers, “silly and all that,” she said. “But when they're in class they're focused on learning.”
The school fields a few sports teams and offers some art electives, but it mainly focuses on academics.
“They've made me into an above-average student,” said Kylena Parks of Lakeside, a straight A, college-bound senior who enjoys the small campus atmosphere. “You don't feel it's too big or too busy.”
Students attend core classes twice a week at the leafy, mural-laden campus next to Lakeside Middle School. A third day is open for tutoring and electives. The rest of the time students work on assignments at home, do internships, volunteer or take classes at community colleges.
“To experience things outside a school environment allows me to see what things I'm interested in,” said Kevin Neynaber of San Carlos, who plans to major in film production in college.
Many students were home-schooled before coming to River Valley. More than 60 percent have a stay-at-home parent.
“It's crucial,” said Kim Fletcher, who works part time and builds her schedule around her two daughters' schooling.
Paseo Arroyo High School, the charter school the Wellhouses opened in City Heights last year, offers small classes but not a home-school program.
“Independent studies won't work with this population,” Bill Wellhouse said. “By and large they don't have space at home that is conducive to learning. “There's poverty, working parents, absent parents, crowded living conditions.”
The two schools couldn't be more different. River Valley's students are predominantly white and from suburban and rural East County and parts of San Diego. Paseo Arroyo's 150 students are mainly low-income Latinos and African-Americans.
Most charter schools struggle in their first years. Paseo Arroyo last year scored 531 on the Academic Performance Index, which is low, but Wellhouse isn't giving up on the small-school approach. Paseo de Arroyo's student-to-teacher ratio is 16-to-1.
“This model of personal attention to the student and small classes has really worked for us before,” he said.
Leonel Sanchez: (619) 542-4568;

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Girlfriends Book, New Video & Topiary Tree

Big day for me here. The "Girlfriends Club" book finally went to press!! I was up late last night working on the finishing touches on our book through Pine Cone Press. I celebrated by washing my car and vacuuming my car. So many things went by the wayside while I was working on it. It felt really good to just wash my car and not be thinking "oh, I should be working on the book.."
I can't speak for Leah and Donna, but I couldn't be more excited about the book. I am hoping to get a copy of it on Tuesday(?) or so...

We have a new video up at Leah Fung's Blog, there are 2 links to the right. I showed how I made a cute little topiary tree for a Mother's Day gift.

here are a few shots of the project, Sandy and Sara modeled for the photo. It turned out so cute. The topiary took about 150 buttons, I am making some kits, I should have about 8 for sale on etsy, or you can email me :)

Finally settling in a bit in our new home...still need dressers and desks and...desperately, but it will have to wait for now.
Happy Mother's Day :) I already got my gift, my two darling daughters, and just to add frosting to the cake, the Girlfriends Club Book is being printed as I type this!!

I am so blessed.
your scrappy friend;
Johanna Peterson

Monday, May 04, 2009

Girlfriends all day crop!

Have you been wondering what you are doing Saturday May 30th?

Well, now you know, you are going to be joining us for the all day crop at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store in El Cajon, CA. Leah Fung, Donna Salazar and myself ( Johanna Peterson ) are having a 12 hour crop. Space is limited to 20!!
For 12 hours we will be having
3 classes
2 make & takes **this is one of the make & takes, this darling little slider pull on the clip and the other side pops out!!
cropping time