Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

I am on a kit club design team, , and each
month we have gotten the new Queen & Co acrylic stamps. They happen to come in the cutest little cases. I had started to make a mini book to go in one (sort of like the swim mini album) but stopped mid - project when I saw what Jamie Harper did with her stamp case.
I think we need to open this up to the entire DT at Creating Inspirations as a challenge, and also to the Queen & Co design team.
This darling little ornament took me all
5 minutes to make, seriously - the clean up will take longer.
The stamps come with a white cardstock circle- which is a handy template for cutting the perfect circle for your case!
Choose a photo, cut it out.
Adhere the photo to the back of the stamp case and then add a sheer ribbon hanger.
fill with beads, close the case.

add a rub on and glue on a few beads and you are done. so easy and so cute. Now I need like 20 of these little stamp cases! Merry Christmas, and thanks Jamie for all your inspiration. Jamie always seems to be starting something in my home...a few weeks ago she made a layout about a sock monkey and now my home has 2 sock monkeys...and clothing for the monkeys...and....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scrapfest San Diego

For all of you local and semi local scrappers, I will be teaching several classes at Scrapfest San Diego, its January 19-20 (I believe) at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. I have posted a link for you to check it out - it would be so fun to see some of my friends there. I am planning on staying to crop after my classes.
you can sign up for 2 days of cropping, one day or half days.
I am tentatively teaching my photo workshop and a recipe Rolodex class ...tentative, all the class details are being worked out. I will let you know updates :)

I would love to see all of you there!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Scrapbook lifestyle
Hey I am on Scrapbook Lifestyle this week with Melisa Sanchez and Stephanie Bernard, and then towards the end I have a little photo tip segment.

Also, Iron Orchid Designs has a giveaway you can get the details here

this weeks episode is about the new paintable paper by Prima. melisa did a great job and created a grid design to show 6 different ways to paint the paper.

Friday, November 23, 2007

MIA due to rolodex project

Its hard having an etsy store with Leah "the kit machine" Fung.
Leah adds so many projects and I spend months making one little kit :)
I am proud of my little Rolodex kit - it has 9 dividers and extra tabs, so pretty much every category is preprinted for you.

If you would like one of these, there are only 8 available, and they would make a darling gift, I think you could put it together in an afternoon.
I actually wasnt missing in action due to the rolodex project, Thanksgiving, work and I photographed a friend's church for a directory.
Aubrey- (most of you know), works/attends a small-ish size church and most directory companies wont come out for smaller churches. I volunteered to do it, just as a chance to give back to the community :)

it was very rewarding for me personally to use my abilites to help others. Aubrey brings me eggs from her chickens, so when people would ask if I was hired or getting paid, I said "I work for eggs" :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello, thinking of you

This is a card for all of you who have visited my blog and thus, added to my cluster map. My daughters are loving this little project.
I used the Around the Block Paper Tagger tool to add the Chipboard Hello flower - and I used the new sanding/inking tool by ATB to ink and sand each pattern paper square.Another fun tool I used on the card was the scoring folding tool, also by Around the Block. Hey Angela- maybe we should get you one of these to replace your bone folder :) hee hee
Supplies used: pink cardstock, 4 rectangles of pattern paper, around the Block chipboard embellishment, Around the block inker & sanding tool, Queen & Co flower brads, Around the Block tagger tool and label maker- did you notice the darling polka dotted label tape??? it goes perfectly with the Queen & Co polka dot flower brads. Machine stitching.
the inking and sanding tool has a triangle ink pad on one end and a little sander on the other end.
thanks again everyone for visiting my blog and watching Scrapbook Lifestyle- stay tuned- you never know what we have in the works ;)
P.S. does anyone know someone in Africa??!!! I have no dots in Africa.

Scrapbook Lifestyle

I am being flooded with emails about people wondering why Scrapbook Lifestyle is ending and what the future holds.Scrapbook LifeStyle will continue for about another 10 weeks and after that, all I can say is keep a close watch on my personal blog, as well as Angela's and Leah's blogs.

I do hope you will continue to watch until December 17th. I can tell you that, as a cast, all of us on the show have become close. We can't imagine not working together again so we have put ourselves to work on the second stage of our online/scrapbooking careers. We can't tell you exactly what we are thinking of doing but I do hope you continue to follow our personal blogs so that you'll be the first to know any developments. I know that Leah and I felt as though we were letting down thousands of friends by not making more episodes, so Leah, Pattye, Angela and myself are committed to finding a way to keep the "family" together. If we think of something even more creative to do so we can be together, share our passion for scrapping and most importantly, connect with you, our favorite Scrapbook LifeStyle viewers. You will be the first to know.

Also...we're taking suggestions- what would YOU like to see us do in the future?

Please pass/link this information to your scrapping friends and we promise to keep you posted with new developments!!!

thanks for watching Johanna

Friday, November 09, 2007

Taping Season 5

Taping season 5 of Scrapbook Lifestyle was so fun. It was all the things I really enjoyed about SBLS. I got to interact with the other scrappers while we taped our segments- and just having everyone together is always a reason to laugh. Loved seeing Tony- missed having him as the host :)
Once again, my hair couldnt keep itself together from the dressing room to on set- {notice the bangs??} ugh. but I am sure that is not why anyone watches, to see Johanna's hairdo.
Thanks for watching for these past seasons, hearing how much people enjoy the show makes it all worthwhile

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Prize for Friday's Chat

Scrapbook Lifestyle Cast is having a chat at Scrap a Faire {Better Homes and Gardens}7pm CST, 5pm Pacific..and if you are in Arizona, I am way too confused to help you.
If you haven't registered for SAF- follow the Scrapbooks Etc link on the right hand side.
The prize is a collection from Frances Meyer/Chartpak. A "Paris" Scrapbook Travelers Club kit with 6 sheets of double sided heavy weight cardstock pattern paper and a sheet of 6 chipboard flowers. Bugs, memories, Halloween and college rub ons and Autumn, girls night out, 2 sets of alphabets, family traditions, Greek alphabet, and flowers/butterflies rub ons. The Frances Meyer/Chartpak rub ons are great- they go on like butter!
And if you are in a pinch, and run out of sticks for carmel apples, the Chartpak sticks that come in the rub on packages work great!
**the rub ons in the prize pack all have a stick for applying the rub ons- no sticks in the prize pack were used to make candy apples :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Around the Block Phrase Maker

So Around the Block sends me this tool (which I am head over heels in love with) to use on the taping of Scrapbook Lifestyle called the Phrase Maker. Its not quite out in the stores, so from what I can tell, this is like one of 3 that they had to show/use at trade shows - so generous of them to send me it. Because of the fires the package missed me and arrived a week after taping the show :(
But the bright side is...I have made some projects with it and I am going to share them with you all this week.
the Phrase Maker has GOT to be one of my favorite tools so far. so can write words up to 8 letters long! I am phobic of my handwriting , so this is a great tool to write with.

I am currently trying to teach my Phrase Maker to mop floors - if I can accomplish this, it would make my life complete.
Also, notice the DARLING label tape {chocolate} that Around the Block has come out with- in addition to darling colors, now they have patterns on the tape for the Label Maker- another fab tool for the handwriting impaired scrapper such as me.
I also adore the little letter stickers that Making Memories came out with a few years back.
I think they were called Ransom letters or something, well, I have used mine all up and ran out of vowels long ago. So I used my label maker to "type" out the words and then cut them apart for a similar look as the little letter stickers. I shall never run out of vowels again!!
{isnt she cute?}
Hallie says its a girl, since she is pink.


At tonight's chat I will be giving away a prize- you can pick from the "hippie chick" kit that contains a hand made bird embellishment and a blue cardstock page with a felt bird already stitched to the page- it is so darling. also there is a set of stickers to match.

or you can pick from the Howdy western shadowbox layout- it has foam core and chicken wire and a real denim pocket.

You can see more photos and get details on the contents on our etsy site

the chat will be at Scrapafaire, you can register at the scrapbooks etc. link on the right side. Our chat is at 6pm CST, or 4pm PST for Scrapbook Lifestyle. To find the chat, go to the lounge, click on the designer chat schedule and then click on the Scrapbook Lifestyle chat box. See you there!!!

**note, the kit is slightly different for the Howdy western shadow box- I dont have enough time to find the other version photo. but there are better photos at etsy

Monday, November 05, 2007

I am in love!!

I am in love with the Around the Block Phrase Maker.
it makes these cute little "price tags" but they aren't price tags, they are words :)
1. its pink
2. I hate my handwriting
3.its really portable
4.its pink
5. the little tags are so cute on layouts
6. its portable
7. the stickers come in all these cute colors and with polka dots (I only have white so far)
8. its a really cute way to journal
9. it has different colors of ink available
10. and did I mention it's pink??

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Label maker by Around the Block

During a chat at Scrap a faire, someone asked what was one of my best purchases, and I replied "my around the block label maker" it is similar to the Dymo brand we have all seen, but this one does upper & lower case letters plus has way cute icons like hearts, phones, the tapes come in way cute colors like pink <--- and lime green and purple and now they even have tapes with words, stars...a must have for all scrappers. I cringe at the sight of my own handwriting so I adore my label maker, I can take it anywhere and unlike rub ons or stickers, I never run out of e's or t's. Now Around the Block has different font wheels - could it get any cuter???


Just wanted to give you an update about our chat schedule...

Scrapbook Lifestyle will have two chats

TUES-November 6th 6pm (CST) 4pm PST?

TUES-November 8th 7pm (CST) 5pm PST?

I think there is a 2 hour difference, I will double check that.

Leah Fung has several classes going on there (my SBLS cast - that a word?) and etsy site buddy

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Costumes

People really got what Hallie's costume was, a hermit crab. One person asked if she was a snail...8 legs and crab claws? of course everyone knew what davi was, a fairy. We met up with our friends that got a late start, so the girls walked a second time, but were not allowed to take candy a second time. for the second time around the neighborhood, hallie took off the shell and was a Lobster

Happy Halloween

Beach Kitty- November Kit from Creating Inspirations

this was made using the November kit from Creating Inspirations and the label maker by Around The Block. I wrote out my journaling and had it go over the "ground" - since the background was black, I wasn't left with many options to journal, so the black Around the Block label tape blends in and the white lettering stands out. It says "this friendly kitty would greet us when we went for our morning walks"