Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks and Cotton Candy

oh yeah, and pretzels - all washed down with a Diet Coke.

Went to the Padres game - Pads WON!!!

the girls had a great time eating and cheering and rolling down the grassy hill at "park in the park" - oh and eating, did I mention eating?? wow.

Nice warm night out - humid, so we did not need our jackets even though we are right on the water.

Great night at Petco Park.

Monday, June 26, 2006

beat the heat - frappachino style

forget the ice cream man, my kids want frappachinos.

I like the vanilla sugar free latte with an extra shot, non fat on ice on hot days. the girls like the double chocolate chip frappachino


needed a smaller photo with a URL so that is why I am posting this. bear with me.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

good clean fun

Rub-a - dub dub, two girls in a tub? ha ha. Only at our house, you just never know what we will do on a sunday afternoon. the biggest rubber ducky in history!!
hallie gave her baby a bath too.

the girls got some bubble bath from grandma and we got back so late I said they could have a bath in the morning. I suggested what if we put bubble bath in the kiddie pool since it was so hot today (not normal california weather at all) - about 100 and totally humid.

Multi tasking at its finest- taking a bath and cooling off. complete with pool floaties and sunglasses.

the dog was no where to be seen, I think he thought he was next.

this may not be great for the grass....hmmmm.

Wut Too Do On Sumr Long List


Sleapoovr A




what to do on summer list

Sleep over at Tennessee.

Swimming Party

Bowling Party

Eat Cereal.

On the last day of school, upon entering the door at home, hallie wanted a pen and paper. She started writing intently. about 10 minutes later - proudly she held up her paper and said "I made a list of what I want to do on my summer vacation. I couldn't spell vacation - so I just called it my summer list" and yes,- that is Christmas paper.

Hallie - age 5, last day of Kindergarten. June 9, 2006

sun kissed

this was for Memories In The Making, Santee DT. the challenge was: they gave us Queen & Co beads, a piece of pattern paper and cardstock and said "make a summer layout" - we were all given the same colors/paper.

this is what I came up with. the flowers, acrylic charm, mini brads, beads, alpha brads are all Queen & Co., the kissed and {D} is Quickutz and the SUN I hand cut (at the 2peas crop over 2 weeks ago) and stitched around each one.

thanks for looking :)


Thursday, June 22, 2006

inflatable world

wow, spent the entire day at inflatable World!
for you parents who have never gotten the pleasure of this theme park. Its loads of fun, but - wow. Left me feeling deflated.

these slides are fast!! And I think the heavier you are (ie: me) the faster you go! I almost shot out the end of a few of them. That would be a sight - me being shot out the mouth of a tiger :)

yeah, they don't let you bring in drinks , so keep the $$ handy. $2.50 per drink.
we had never been.I didn't think hallie would go on most of the slides last year.

I know somebody is going to bed early tonight......ME!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's a rough life

...but somebody has to do it.

It's days like this that I am so glad I live in San Diego, and on top of it am an aerial photographer.

Flying over the water and by the Del Mar Fair, flying over boats, dolphins and surfers.Literally the sea air on your face and the wind in your hair.

that's my pilot Fred. He is a great pilot. We took the coast back and were just zig zagging over the water, surfers waving at us.

Just a perfect day in my book. 80 degrees, flying and a beautiful summer day.
summer in San Diego....Wish you were here.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Window to my life

At risk of being the most boring person in scrapbook history....

I opened the back window of my car to go get hallie's purple hoodie sweatshirt out and realized that not only is my SUV a second home for us, but what I saw said so much about me. It truly was like a "window" into my life.

The child's spring suit, the Body Glove boogie board, the pink Nike yoga mat, the shadow of the Cal Poly sticker, the Thomas Guide to San Diego/Orange County. The only thing missing was Davi's soccer gear, which is typically in the back also. Just found it funny how "stereotypical"the back of my vehicle was. Mom, SUV, state college, yoga, surfing kids.

someone who doesn't know me at all could peek into the back window and know an awful lot about me. Where I got my degree, that I have kids, where we go for fun, what I do for exercise, what part of the state I live in. And not to mention, I am not very tidy :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

1st ever crop at Ever After (2peas)

we had such a good time at the FIRST crop ever at Ever After in Carlsbad. It was a 2peas crop for charity (a children's emergency shelter).

we were the real beneficiaries of this crop though! We all won door prizes and got a discount AND a store credit AND a fabulous goodie bag, food, drinks and.....It was amazing!
7 hours of cropping with some of my best friends (Susie, Leah, Nely, Aubrey and Crystal) and a whole bunch of new pea friends :)

Leah and I even have 2 peas badges ready to go to wear to the CHA Summer 2 peas reception. We are going to make 3 more for Courtney, Jen and Jlynne.

I won a layout contest! Wow. I never win these things, but I am sure the fact Nely and leah didn't enter helped my chances. Susie's layout won in the "life happens" category and I won in the "seasons" category.

I just would like to say what an amazing job Stephanie Hackney did with organizing the best crop I have ever been to and what a great job the staff at EA did. They were amazing and helpful. Lastly, Camille the owner of EA was sooo nice to let us crop there and sooo generous with the amazing prizes she donated. WOW!! I mean serious good prizes, like a whole sizzix font, idea books, shirts...

I got the cutest brown shirt to wear (I am wearing it now) with the EA logo on it. looooove it, if I wear it in the store I get 10% off :) - way good marketing!!

I of course didn't get much done (I don't crop well away from home) I did get "S U N" cut out :) ...But I did take the remainder of the Queen & Co make and take along and Camille still had the extra purse cards , so I helped a lot of the peas make the little purse card. Its soooo cute. After that a lot of them were hooked on how cute the Q&Co is and had to have some :)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

the new Ever After

wow!!! I cant describe how amazing EA is now!!

these photos dont do it justice, it is huge, I mean there is absolutely everything there. It is quite a drive all the way to Carlsbad, but it is well worth it.

I went to host a make and take for Queen & Co. sooo fun, they had a VIP special event and asked me to be one of the fun stops. they had wine and snacks and cake and massages and prizes and...

ok, these photos dont show the entire cropping area "studio C" or the front of the store or...

gosh, thanks EA for asking me to come up and be part of your event, feel so honored you wanted me to be part of the VIP party!! Everyone was so nice and helpful and all the customers were great, so many of them told me thanks for coming. It was crazy, so many people and there was a line for the make and take. It was quite the evening, dead tired, but had to post these photos, I hope all my scrapping friends are DROOLING!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

the Graduate

Hallie graduated from kindergarten on friday. She still has a bit of school left, but they held the graduation on friday. she walks up to people and tells them "I am a first grader now!"

I am so happy Mrs Benton is still teaching and Hallie got to have her as a teacher.

She got to carry the Bible in and lead the pledge. so funny, the boy above her on stage kept knocking her cap and hallie would fix it and then shoot him a look :) hee hee. Bless his heart, he didnt even know he was knocking it :)

this first year went by fast. Can't believe my youngest is a first grader now. I bought her a coloring book and a 20 Questions care bear for graduation.
She looked so cute in her white cap and pink dress. She woke up before 5 am, so excited, she woke me up and asked "can I put on my new dress and shoes now?"

Her class got her teacher a silver bracelet with 5 silver hearts and 5 names engraved on each heart as a thank you gift. Her teacher loved it.

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!