Monday, June 29, 2009

happy monday

ok, this weekend was busy. I am still tired.

hallie and a friend made a Youtube video you can watch it by clicking on the link. very cute.

here are some dates for teaching:

July 15th (w) 6:30 pm House Cards $20 - this is the kit from the Girlfriends book. You leave with an entire set of watercolors, extra prima paintables, 5 brushes, a palette...very fun!! We are going to learn all sorts of watercolor techniques and wire tricks.

July 18th, (sat) 3 pm - Focus on Photos, Photography class. $15, $5 if you have previously taken this class. Very good class for all levels, all types of cameras.

August 19th (w) 6:30 pm, School House album $20 - Very fun class, lots of fun techniques.
You can sign up for all of these classes on line at - there is a section for classes and you just "add to cart" just like online shopping.
thanks for checking in with me :) Johanna Peterson

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes, I am still alive...

Ok, I missed posting the winner of the contest. I was sick in bed with a cold (flu?) - no worries, it was NOT H1N1!! I haven't been that sick in years. Sorry for not posting this sooner, but the winner of the Girlfriends book is "pooky"!! Congrats and email me at with your mailing addy and I will get it sent out.

I was so delierious from illness I never published this post, it was kept as a draft.

If you are local, I will be doing a make and take at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store, Saturday the 27th, during the garage sale and class kick off. 10am. 700 N Johnson Ave. El Cajon, CA - I am doing a slider card make and take - and I am officially germ free :)

10am Yellowbird Scrapbook Store
FREE make & takes
Class kick off - see the samples and get 10% off if you sign up that day
GARAGE SALE!!! tons of deals, I have picked up some FAB stuff in the past!
best of all, no lines, they have make and takes to keep you busy while your purchase is being rung up for you!!

Until later - Johanna

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"better than TV!"

There was a fire, right across the road from our house today. I could hear sirens, so I went outside to see what was going on, and I immediately saw the smoke and an air tanker went right over me. I couldn't tell where exactly the fire was so I walked a few houses down and could see it was a brush fire, a fairly safe distance from our house. The girls and I walked a few houses down and watched a helicopter pull water from the lake that is the next street down, and dump it on the fire. Within a half an hour, they had the fire almost completely out. While we were watching Davi said "this is better than TV!" Indeed it was...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hey friends!

First off, I just want to say that I have been getting the nicest comments left on my blog! Thanks so much :) it really makes my heart smile to think you take time to see what I am up to!!

Second, If you have not gotten a copy of our new book - here is your chance. Just leave a comment, (by June 19th - right here under this post) and you could be the lucky one to win one of our books!! Leah Fung, Donna Salazar & myself (Johanna Peterson if you have forgotten) are so proud of our little book! If you really want a book and don't want to wait to see if you win, here is a link to the Girl Friends Blog : or there is a link to the right, and there is a cute little flower "button" and click on that and it will take you to the Pine Cone Press website. Pine Cone Press was really generous and gave me a few extra copies to share with my friends (you)! I will have my youngest daughter draw a winner on June 19th 8pm Pacific Standard Time

Third, there is a garage sale at Yellowbird Scrapbook store on June 27th. You definitely want to make this!! it runs 10am-4pm (and people line up early!) here is a link to the Yellowbird website or there is a link to the right. AND wait, there is more! NO LONG LINES TO WAIT IN! During the garage sale there will be the class kick off! you get to see all the projects for the classes in July & August, and there will be FREE make n' takes, and if you sign up for a class that day, you get 10% off! So come down, shop the garage sale, and then they will bag and ring up your stuff, while you are waiting, entertain yourself at one of the many make n' take stations! they will just call your name when it is time to get your purchases!

Fourth, I am teaching my photo class on June 24th, (wed) 6:30 pm. Focus on Photos $15 (or $5 if you have previously attended my class)- it is at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store in El Cajon, CA. You can sign up online even - use the link above or to the right.

Until later, I remain your scrappy friend- Johanna

Friday, June 12, 2009

photo fridays

Hey everyone! First I have to thank everyone who checks in on my blog and leaves comments :) I am humbled and honored you take time and stop by.

Second...I just posted my first PHOTO FRIDAY over at the Girlfriends Blog. I think it's a really helpful tip and seasonal too. Here is a link: or you can use the link to the right and above the map: "the girlfriends club blog"
Have a great week! Hugs!

Johanna Peterson

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Of Course!..why didn't I think of that?

Hallie had some coordinate plotting homework tonight. She was to plot the coordinates, color in the squares, and it would form a picture of an animal. When she was done, she held it up and looked at it.
I said "what kind of animal did you make?" - silly me, expecting she would say horse...
She started to write her answer on the line and said...

"do you spell alpaca with a c or a ck?"

My child would never just put horse. Or even llama. It's an alpaca.