Friday, February 22, 2008

onward and upward :)

life goes on - it doesnt always resemble what you had, but sometimes out of being forced to change, things can get better.

thanks for all your support, prayers and willingness to lend a hand.

I have to move forward and work, send etsy orders, teach classes and wash laundry.

Today the Girlfriends Weekend registration opened up!! it was one of several bright spots in my day. I am starting to look more like my little avatar to the right :)

Next week we will post a new video on leah's blog (there is a link to the right)


Girlfriends scrapbooking weekend at Ever After Scrapbooks in beautiful Carlsbad, California. It's going to be SO much fun! Breakfast, lunch and snacks (there's a chocolate fountain!) are included plus there will be: 5 classes,PLUS my photography workshop, goodie bags, prizes, make-n-takes and, of course, lots of cropping. And if you've never been to Ever After Scrapbooks then I have to tell you that you are in for a real treat! I think its like 7,000 square feet of pure scrapping heaven!

There will also be a page contest, so bring along your best page.

The cost to attend the event is $230 if you register by March 1st. After that date, registration is $250 but that's still a good price for all the cropping, goodies, classes and food you'll get that weekend. Fees are non-refundable.

To register, call (760) 433-9313

We have some amazing projects planned for this event, and we'll have pictures for some of them in March. Given below is a little info about each class and the workshop. We're looking forward to teaching and just hanging out with everyone, eating lots of food, and scrapbooking together!

Great family times acrylic album - Wendy
Have you seen those acrylic albums out there in scrap land? Have you wondered how or what to do with them? We are going to rock out a 6"x6" - 5 page (rounded corners and 3 pages have tabs) acrylic album! Our theme will be "Great Family Times"... we'll celebrate the fun and great times you've had as a family. We will be using some fun bright and bold colors (my favorite to scrap with) along with some fantastic embellishments such as felt, buttons and ribbon! If you have a fear of mixing up different manufacturers patterned paper we will put that fear to rest!

Festive birthday banner - Candice
Please join me and create a festive and colorful Birthday Banner! We will be using colorful combinations along with some fabulous ribbons and tissue garland to create a beautiful home decor piece which can be displayed for birthdays year round! There will be plenty of glitter, lots of eye candy and giveaways galore. I sure hope you'll join me for this one of a kind project. (gender neutral)

Cool layout techniques - Donna
I will be teaching a layout class using some new products released at winter CHA! We will be using supplies that are very “Donna” (denim, cardboard, paint, glitter, lace, etc.) PLEASE... don’t be scared... this layout will be different but it won’t be weird. I will be making 2 samples for this class, one will be feminine and the other will be masculine - both will be using the same basic products. I will also show you how to make a “bonus” project using some of our leftover supplies.

Recipe chipboard album - ME :)In my class, we will make a darling chipboard album for your favorite recipes. The album will have tab dividers to categorize the recipes, and the recipe pages are large enough to accommodate a photo and embellishments. Once we're done, all you need to do is add some of your family recipes and you have a great gift for someone you love or for you to keep.

Birthday reminder / address bookplate Rolodex - Leah
How could I possibly have a girlfriends scrapbooking event and not do at least one Rolodex album? In my class, we'll be making a very fun Rolodex photo album which will brighten any room! You can use it as a birthday reminder or an address Rolodex. If you like, your Rolodex can be both things, or you can use it for a completely different purpose, like a through-the-years Rolodex album - you name it! In addition to the Rolodex project, I'll have a bonus project which I'm sure you'll enjoy too.

Photography Workshop - me too!!
Bring your camera to get the most out of this hand-ons photography workshop. In this class, you will finally understand how your camera thinks. I will explain technical terms such as ISO, depth of field, and aperture. No matter what camera you have, you will be able to take amazing photos.

cant wait for april 5/6!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


please pray for me and my little family. I have limited access to internet and it is hard for me to respond to emails or update my blog

thanks to everyone who ordered my photo CD

thanks to everyone who has been a support to me the last few days

thanks to everyone who has signed up for the girlfriends weekend, things like that keep me going :) I have a darling project planned

just goes to show - you never know what tomorrow brings :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Photo CD feedback

Johanna, I loved the FOCUS ON PHOTOS cd class!!! It is helping me so much!

Johanna, I loved the focus on photos cd! AMAZING!!! I have watched a couple of times and keep reading the notes...

Awesome product!!! Everyone should have it!!!

Johanna - thank you so much for making this CD! I got mine in the mail today and immediately put it in the computer to watch it! I am so excited to actually take my camera OFF auto, to turn the flash off indoors and get some good photos! I never knew what all those settings were on my camera! Thanks!

thanks everyone who ordered my CD and I really thank you for your fantastic feedback! It is a real pick me up to read these comments :) thank you again.

I made more CDs and added them to etsy ( ) or there is a link to the side :) thanks and God Bless!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Girlfriends Scrapbooking Weekend!!!

I wanted to tell you about a fun event that Leah and I have planned for this Spring! On April 5th and 6th, we are having a Girlfriends Scrapbooking Weekend which will be a fun scrapbooking event with cropping and classes. Classes are included in the price of the weekend.

In addition to Leah and I teaching, we have 3 super talented, super nice girlfriends who will be there teaching and cropping along with us and you all weekend! This is an amazing event you dont want to miss. Seriously, these girls are some of the most talented scrapbookers I know.
Candice Carpenter (Foofala & Autumn Leaves)
Donna Salazar (Scrapbook Lifestyle, Avery)
Wendy Reed (Scrapbook Lifestyle, Urban Lily, Queen & Co)

Here are some details about the event:

Girlfriends Scrapbooking Weekend
April 5-6 at Everafter Scrapbooks in beautiful Carlsbad, California
$250 ($230 if registered by March 1st)
2 Days of cropping and classes
free parking
5 Teachers, 6 classes, including a photography workshop
Hang out and crop for 2 days with Leah, Johanna, Donna, Candice & Wendy
All meals & snacks are included so we can eat a ton all weekend!
Free goodie bag & amazing prizes plus more fun stuff
Crop & shop at Everafter Scrapbooks - one of the best scrapbook stores in our state!
Minutes away from Legoland and Sea World (so your hubby can take the kids there for the day)
Registration opens on Friday, Feb 22 at 10 a.m. PST
Room for only 55 people so register early
More details to come!
Reserve a spot
Although registration opens on Friday, Feb 22nd, Leah and I figured out a way for our vblog viewers to reserve a spot before then. All you need to do is click on the link to our shop to the right of this -> and reserve a spot for $10. The $10 will be applied toward your registration fee.
also, if you are traveling from out of town, we have a list of reasonable/close by hotels for you :)

kitty layout

layout #2 with the new Queen & Co line. I just love these new brads and felt shapes. I broke down and finally did the MasterCard commercial for the journaling. You know, where they buy all these things on MasterCard and then at the end say "time with your kids"...Priceless.
So I did, Adoption fee
Kitten supplies
Kitten food
Kitten toys
A friend to love...Priceless

Corny I know, but it worked for me :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Queen & Co

Here is a layout using the New Queen & Co felt trim, felt shapes and new brads. The title is felt, I used the Queen & Co felt strips (self adhesive) and ran it through my Quickutz (studio font)- it worked like a charm!! cut out easy, stuck down easy!!!I think right at this moment, it is my favorite Queen & Co product out there. My mind is racing thinking of all the possiblities.
If you cant read the journaling, it is about how Hallie couldnt find the football when Missy was sitting next to it. Our cat looks like a football. it says (generally)- Hallie: Mom!! wheres my football?? SOMEBODY took it! it was right here and now its GONE!
ME: No one would take your football, where did you leave it last?
Hallie: Right HERE on the table...oh, I see it, Missy is hiding it with her CAMOFLOUGE.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Just an update

Thanks so much to everyone who has ordered my photo class on CD :) I have had so many people that told me that after taking my class, for the first time EVER they felt like they KNEW how to get the photo they wanted. If they want the background blurry or don't want to use a flash indoors or...
A heartfelt thanks - I have so many things on my plate, so to take a day away from that and decide to film it was a big decision. It was a lot of work to film it, edit it, design a cover, burn the CDs, etc. so it makes me very happy to know it will be enjoyed and I can't wait to see the photos you take using the lessons you have learned. Maybe this is my true calling, helping parents and scrappers become more confident photographers :)
If you would like a copy, please visit my etsy site - there is a link to the right ( you can get a copy there on etsy. I tried to price them so that everyone who wanted one could get one :)

Davi stayed home sick the other day. She is under so much pressure at school, I think he poor little system just needed to take a break. Her whole life is homework.Life shouldn't be so hard when you are in 6th grade. ugh.
So we went flying - I had like 7 sites to shoot and she loves to ride along. I really enjoy my time with her, she is my buddy. It was a beautiful day out, the days prior had rained and this day was pretty up in the sky. I love the way the sun reflects on the clouds and the air is so crisp and clear after the rain.

Here is my latest layout- it is from the January Kit for Creating Inspirations. I looove their kits :)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Photography class on CD!!

Well, I finally did it
I had many many requests to somehow video tape my photo class for people around the country (and out of the country too!). Until now only local people could attend or if I happened to travel out of the San Diego area.
Not to sound braggy, but many people have told me that this one hour long photo lesson has changed the quality and consistency of their photos. I don't cover composition really, it's more about teaching you how to make the most of your camera in every situation. "Focus on Photos" is designed for any camera, any person. I really designed it for parents and scrapbookers, with a lot of information on how to take the photos we often photograph, such as birthdays, sports, vacations.
So Leah, Donna and I video taped my photo class. If you have been watching our videos on Leah's Blog, the video quality is better than what you see on youtube.The CD is 54 minutes long with subtitles and photo examples are inserted, also I have packaged it with 4 pages of notes. I think this is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to take my photo class but lives to far. Also, I sometimes have people tell me they wish it was on CD so they could watch, play with thier camera/read the manual, go back watch the CD...or that when they took the class they had a different camera and now they have a new camera and would like to take the class again with thier new camera
I must warn you - this is a CD, not a high end DVD, but it is good information with notes that you could watch and read at your own pace.
WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER is needed- if you have windows on your computer you should be able to play this :)

AVAILABLE AT WWW.LEAHJOHANNA.ETSY.COM $15 or there is a link to our etsy shoppe to the right :)