Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer Tennies

The new felt is so fun to stick on anything, it is a really strong adhesive. I thought it would look cute and really dress up these darling lime green tennies!!

I just stuck the felt down and then used Designer Dries Clear glue by Art Glitter to add the jewels

felt and jewels are Queen & Co

Snow Angel

NEW Queen & Co felt border- its self adhesive so I was able to attach it in a wavy line at the top.

Felt (snowman and snow flake)


brads and snoflake brads


chipboard letters


are all Queen & Co.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Scaredy Cat

Missy saw our neighbors cat, Fiddle outside this morning.

Fiddle is a pretty social cat and use to let Frodo come in his house and eat out of his dish. I think he just heard Missy's can of cat food being opened and came to say hi.

hopes this makes you smile, I laughed out loud when I saw her like this.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tombstone AZ

We took a stage coach ride/tour. that was probably one of the best tours we did. took us all around town.
Davi and Hallie couldn't wait to pet the horses, and were very concerned that they worked too much - The driver told us that they work one or two days and then get one or two days off, they have 15 teams of draft horses and like only 4 stagecoaches running in summer and like 8 in the winter.
Boot Hill. The graves were covered in rocks to keep out the coyotes.

Davi and Hallie found a pug puppy to pet :)

this is the actual faro table that a disagreement and almost shoot out happened at between Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo.

The hearse that would take people to Boot Hill Graveyard. Its called the Black Moriah. Davi laughed since there is a girl named Mariah at her school that isn't very nice to her.

The Bird Cage Theater - the sign read:

"Good Whiskey and Tolerable water"

Made a little trip to Tombstone AZ. I guess it just wasn't hot enough here in San Diego. We met Joey and Julie out there and Davi and Hallie were supposed to drive back to TN with them, but Hallie was feeling sick on Thursday, so we didn't send her on Friday. She is soooo sad, I feel so bad for her.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Birthday

Wow! Hallie is my youngest and she just turned 7. My baby is 7. When she woke up in the morning I asked if she felt different now that she is 7?
she said "yes, 7 feels different than 6"

We hung balloons all over the house made Hallie a balloon hat. I set up most of the day for the party for her friends the next day. I am setting up the water slide, water balloons, water guns, sprinkler station and mini pool- the mini pool is mostly a source to refill water guns. Oh - I decided to spend $15 and get a fresh pool.

For her birthday she was given clothes, a hula hoop, a humming bird feeder and a MP3 player. She loooves the MP3 player, she feels like her older sister. Its a kid friendly version that you shake to shuffle the songs and it has 2 headphone outlets and an external speaker. we loaded on her favorite CDs on her MP3 player.

We went to my parents for dinner, and my dad made us chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs on his new grill. My mom made Hallie her very own cookbook for kids and they gave her an apron with her name embroidered on it.