Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mental note to self...

Be careful when you say things like "don't just sit there!" when your kid spills a yogurt on the carpet. This may translate into:
"go ahead and dip your cookies in the spilled yogurt"

when you are at the store, and you see "organic corn and flax seed frozen waffles" just keep going, do not stop and put some in your cart, your kids will not eat them. No matter how much butter and syrup you put on them, they will not eat them.

if your 5 year old gives you a "makeover" and decides the "blue blush" (EYESHADOW) would look best on your cheeks....Remember to wash your face before answering the door for the UPS man.

if your kids find a grasshopper in the house, don't let them name it. it will become a pet and you will have to feed it and clean "Hoppy's" cage.

if you are busy and your kid asks you something and you hear "I will take that as a yes!" --- go find out what you just agreed to!!

When the same child who ate yogurt off the carpet-

leaves a chicken nugget on their plate and you ask "are you going to eat that?" and they say "NO" --- be sure to ask WHY before you eat it ....

The reason may be that it fell on the floor and they stepped on it and the dog sniffed it and.....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

swim mini album

hey- I made this out of a container for Alphabettys or Chic Charms from Queen and Co. loooove the way it came out. I punched out circles out of photos of water to decorate the inside and outside of the top lid. its sooo cute and tiny. its like 2 inches across in real life :) thanks for looking

Saturday, August 19, 2006


here is my latest layout. Its a photo of a little girl that her older sister played AYSO with davi.

I used Queen & Company Fab Flowers, Sassy Sequins, Beads, and Love letters for the "blessed".

Monday, August 14, 2006

latest Frances Meyer layout

here is a layout I did with the new travel line from Frances Meyer. Havent taken many African safari's lately, so I used zoo photos :)

wanted it to look post card-ish or like a trunk that traveled around the world.

the rubons are all frances meyer and the two pattern papers as well.

Monday, August 07, 2006

welcome home

wow, bad luck with pets...our cat was sick, way sick,and wont really ever get better. the vet got him stable - but that is all.

Frodo has full blown kidney disease and at 17+ there is no cure and we just make sure he is comfortable. sort of the beginning of the end.

so then the dog was nervous having family visiting and the cat gone he suddenly gets sick, and shane rushed him to the vet and it was surgery or put him down. in a split second we were about to lose both of our fur kids.

very few dogs survive the surgery bobo had, but he pulled through.

happy to have all the pets home and shane enjoyed one more nap with them

Sunday, August 06, 2006


flew to Los Angeles to take photos for a client who makes artificial turf fields.

took a shot of downtown LA and of the Queen Mary. nice weather we are having finally- under 80 degrees and no more of that horrible humidity.