Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Date book makeover

I got a 2008 date book/address book from my accountants. I started carrying it when I needed to call them on a daily basis during tax time, and then I just started using it.

The scrappy side of me just cringed each time I looked at the late 60's early 70's fall motif of the cover. It reminded me of the commercials on TV for the "Mellow sounds of the 70's collection on 8 track". When I needed to write an appointment in my date book I would pull it out covertly so no one could see the front cover.

I just couldn't take my double life and I went to the store to buy a new 2008 calendar. Not only were most of them just as hideous - but they were $5 and I thought of the hassle of transferring all the info to a new book.
I decided to pull the old cover off, corner round the corners of the current calendar and make a new cover.
I used the Around the Block pattern paper that says "Remember" {so clever!} stitched the edge, and mounted it on pink cardstock for more durability. I added some Around the Block epoxy flower brads and some "Simply Stated" brads in a bag that say "live", "laugh" "smile" "fly"... I am not embarrassed to pull out my date book any more in front of people. They all probably thought I was trying to hide a pack of cigarettes or something, not knowing it was just a horrible 70's inspired fall scene cover on a date book.

6th Grade Graduation

They gave Davi a Bible with her name on it and her teacher, Mrs Neuman and her Principal both wrote very nice notes to her in the front and back.
Sierra, Davi and Hallie

Kathryn and Davi
Jenel, Whitney, Mrs Neuman, Kathryn and Davi

The graduating 6th Grade class.

well, Davi is officially a 7th grader. She is now in Jr. High. wow.

they had a nice commencement last night. Davi looked beautiful.
They had a nice slide show and Davi had a big cheering section :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Girl Friends Weekend make & take

Here is a peek at my make n' take for the Girl Friends Weekend (August 1&2 in Las Vegas) at Majestic Memories 2410 Decatur, Las Vegas

(702) 256-1160



Its darling Around the Block pattern paper cut to a purse shape and Around the Block Corner brad as a fastener. Inside is a cute little post it note pad that used my Crop-o-dile to punch holes in to add the handle.

this is a perfect way to always have a
pad of paper handy in your purse for jotting down phone numbers or important dates like the Girl Friends Weekend event!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hallie's New Do


Hallie has been showing her new do and her Bag-o-hair to everyone. She is very proud of her short hair (to her it is short) . I took these photos at a friend's house that we went to see just to show her Hallie's hair. We have visited many people lately to show them, "The Hallie Roadshow" may be visiting you soon

She has never really had it cut before, I was afraid she had so much of her identity linked to her hair, she would be upset if it was drastically cut. it has been long enough to sit on since her 4th birthday, and everyone who she meets comments on her long, beautiful hair.

She is very happy and I love it, it looks great on her and from the back I often for a split second don't know if its Davi or Hallie

She took her bag of hair to school to show her friends and classmates and she forgot her zip lock at school, she was very worried she would lose it since her name was not written on the bag. I reassured her everyone at the school would know who it belonged to!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hallie's Debut


we have video #20 up. Hallie is in the video (acting goofy) so you definitely need to see this one.
Also, I show my "Recipe Album" that I am teaching at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store on May 22nd, 6:30 PM

Thanks for leaving comments for Hallie, she was thrilled to have "letters". She took her chicken to a birthday party on Saturday and to Sunday school on Sunday :)
Later today I will post a little project I did, I started using a little date book to keep my life straight, and just couldn't stand it. My accountant gave it to me, and I started carrying it around because their phone # was printed on the front, and then I started using it- but the cover just horrified me, it's like some photo right from the 70's. I will post photos later how I made it look like it was from the current century. :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Wilbur (my chicken baby)

wow, she is so cute and really shows affection. I am so in love with this little chick. I wish I could bonsai her and keep her tiny. She is so fun to sit with, she is content to just be held and sit with me while I watch TV or type on the computer.
I think we have sworn off eating chicken for the rest of our lives.
Hallie is a good chicken mommy.
Until later, I remain your chicken mommy scrapping friend:
Johanna Peterson :)

Birth announcement!

OK not really, but sort of. Hallie and her second grade class all had eggs that they "hatched" in an incubator. Hallie hatched her chick on May .1st and we got to bring her home yesterday.

Wilbur (even if its a girl) 1 oz. 3 inches long.

I am smitten with this little chick. she loves to be held and loves to sleep in your hands. she loves to snuggle and sit on you, and often jumps on to my head.

When she is more independent we will give her to our friends who have horses, chickens, goats...then we can visit Wilbur.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

National Scrapbook Day

Here is a layout I did at Yellow Bird Scrapbook Store on National Scrapbook Day. They had a free digital layout make and take - it was so fun, I took a photo with my friend Cydne, (she is sooo cute!) - the store supplied the tiarras.

I am taking a digital class at Yellow Bird later in May - email me or call the store for details, (619) 579-7422

Monday, May 05, 2008

Around The Block Blog

hey!! I have a page featured on the Around the Block Blog with a little glitter tutorial. I would love you to check it out, here is a link

http://www.aroundtheblockproducts.com/blog/ or you can use the link to the right :)

have a great day!!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Around The Block Card

I was so inspired by all the new Around The Block products, I decided to use them all on one card :)
just kidding, but I did use the ATB glitter and flocking kit on the kite, dog, tree and girl. The kite, tree, dog and Hallie's dress are all ATB Pattern paper. I used a "fly" bird brad in the tree and a "sunny" brad in the center of the sun. I attached a dog house charm with my paper tagger tool. The bottom of Hallie's skirt is "lace#2" Frame Tape that I inked pink with the Inking and Sanding tool. I used an epoxy brad and "simply said" brads in a bag for the front and sentiment in the card. The sentiment says :
I'm glad you are my friend, You make me laugh, You give me great advice, You make me smile, I love u friend.

This is for all of my friends and family who have been there supporting me the last few months :) Thanks for cheering me on.

Your scrappy friend: Johanna Peterson

P.S. Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day :)