Thursday, January 31, 2008


hey I have something in the works that I think many of you will enjoy :) I will let you in on the secret in a bit :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Deal on Etsy!

here's the deal....
buy any two kits
*cake box
*recipe rolodex 1
*recipe rolodex 2
*birthday reminder rolodex

and get a cake box kit FREE!!!

FREE CAKE! what could be better??
{or there is a link to the right}

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thanks :)

I just have to stop and say thanks...
thanks for reading my blog {little ol me}
thanks for watching the videos
thanks for taking time to leave a comment

My girls LOVE the neo counter with the flags and seeing how many countries we have. We were so happy to get 2 more for 37 countries, and my oldest asked "how many are there anyhow?" so we stopped to look it up. its fun and {dare I say?} educational.

Reading your comments about the videos, a project I finished or a little something I wrote makes my heart happy :) it is the best part of my day to know that someone is enjoying my little blog and or videos.

So, sincerely, thanks.


oh and P.S.- if you know a scrapbooker in one of the other 156 countries not listed - please share my blog with them :)

oh and P.S.#2...someone was saying that "I can't draw at all, I can barely draw a stick person" and Hallie asked, "Can you draw a real person?"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More classes & 5th video up

Feb. 26th 6PM
Birthday Reminder Rolodex Class
Yellow Bird Scrapbooking
700 N Johnson Ste F
El Cajon, CA 92020
{619} 579 - 7422
Never forget a birthday again with this handy reminder. we will make a cover and dividers for jan- dec. Includes the rolodex file frame and 24 blank sheets to add friends & family information and or photos.

Focus on Photography class
January 29th 7 pm
Yellow Bird Scrapbooking
700 N Johnson Ste F
El Cajon, CA 92020
{619} 579 - 7422
You will not regret taking the time to take this class. Many people have told me it was better than an entire semester photography class. You will learn lighting, ISO, apeture and more. Finally feel confident to take your camera off Auto! Designed for all levels of photography and cameras.

these projects are also on etsy at

also, our 5th video is up! go to the right of this post for a link to "scrappy videos" this week Leah shares her Biography Album project with us, its amazing!!
be warned, my hair was out of control and it looks as though I have a gerbil on my shoulder. yeah- thanks to all of you who suggested I wear my hair down...ummm...:) ha ha ha
anyhow - thanks for checking it out!!


Monday, January 21, 2008


I am teaching several classes- I will get some photos of the Birthday Reminder Rolodex up soon. Never miss another birthday with this darling rolodex. Add a card for each person with a photo, address, email, phone, favorite color..etc.
Birthday Rolodex Reminder Feb 26th 6pm

Recipe Rolodex Feb 19th 6pm

the Guilt free Cake box Feb 22 6 pm

I really hope you can join us, we only have 9 or 10 spots left for the
Birthday Reminder Class.

Yellowbird Scrapbook store
700 N Johnson Ave Ste F
El Cajon, CA 92020
(west of parkway plaza @ arnelle & johnson) next to Fed Ex.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

video blogging installment # 4

we finished uploading video # 4. Donna had a great idea about having a card buffet class/party. You set up paper for the cards 4x8" and 5x9", 4x12" etc...and layout stacks of pattern paper pieces, scallops. add bowls of flowers, buttons, and other embellishments. add some letter stickers or chipboard and then let everyone just create cards. Donna said it was like a taco bar, but I think its more like a salad bar :) hee hee.
I loved the idea and had so much fun with it, I actually forgot we were video taping and just stood up to make my card! :) ha ha. I often stand while I scrap or pack kits, so it was just a habit thing, but I literally forgot about the video and was just having a great time digging into all the amazing papers, flowers, buttons...Donna had laid out. It was one of those "Kid in a candy store situations".
Also, ok freaking out about the ZUTTER DREAM CUTS!! I had seen this, and didnt really understand what it did or why I desperately need one now. if you are using a 12x12 piece of cardstock/paper it will cut your paper in half or thirds, PERFECTLY!! no measuring! and the side guide rails slide in, so if you cutting a 7" wide piece of paper- to use the single blade to cut your paper in 1/2, simply slide the rails in and then you have two 3.5" pieces! I pack a lot of kits so this is a great cutter for me. Leah lent me her Dream Cuts and Erin & I cut all the paper for 30 rolodex kits for in a matter of minutes! the rolodex kits all take like 12 4x4" pieces of cardstock. wow.
A special thank you to my faithful friend, Erin. She comes and packs kits with me when I have classes. Only a true friend would count out 360 star sequins for each of my 40+ kits :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

3rd video blog is up

hey if you havent seen there is a new video blog (vblog) up and there are 2 really nice prizes to be won

there is a link to Leah's blog to the right or try

thanks for watching- the heartfelt comments keep us motivated to keep making the video blog entries :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Just a little potty humor

OK, I know everyone thinks their own kids say the funniest things, and I am probably boring you to tears...but I want to share anyhow.

Yesterday, I went by the girls bathroom and saw Hallie's Winnie the Pooh (her favorite teddy bear of all time) sitting on the toilet seat. Hallie was playing quietly in the playroom, so I picked up the "Pooh Bear" and tossed him on her bed in her bedroom.

Hallie didn't notice me toss her stuffed bear in her room and then I went in the play room and warned her sternly: "Hallie! That was a terrible place to put your Pooh! Pooh doesn't belong in the bathroom!"

She stopped playing and looked up at me blankly

She said "Mommy, I am SO confused right now"

Ha Ha, I realized what I had said :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


ok, video blog # 2 is up at or you can use the link to the right of this - on the side bar I have a link to Leah's blog.

Here is one of the layouts featured on the video, I talked about the Creating Inspirations kit club. I made this layout with the December kit. Its fun for me to get a kit like this, I wouldn't have made this layout otherwise. Included in the kit was some jewels and watch faces- so I thought of waiting, time...Did you notice that the clock says 12:25 for the time? :)

Also this project "Wishes for Santa" was made with the December kit- I had Davi & Hallie write a list to Santa and then made a page with each gift. it was easy and simple and a nice keepsake.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thank You!

wow- thank you to everyone who watched and posted comments to our video. I was almost in tears (in a good way) reading the sweet comments about our little scrappy video - I was really touched you love it so much. So many wrote how much they missed seeing us on Scrapbook Lifestyle. I too miss Scrapbook Lifestyle and hope we can continue to inspire scrappers around the globe!
We were awarded 2 honors by Youtube, "most views" and "most subscribers" for a "how to" video in one day.
My husband is amazed at the response and has ordered me a microphone to improve the sound quality of the video
I have read almost all of the comments and I loved them- even the ones that asked if we could work on the window glare :) also we had a comment about providing templates and directions- GREAT suggestions!
stay tuned- we have more familiar faces lined up in upcoming videos- and share this with your friends :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Here is the big news that I have been waiting to share....

{drum roll}

Leah and I made a little scrappy video. Leah wanted to start video blogging, and I have had several requests to do more photo classes via video blogging. So we created a video to run on her blog. We wanted to share our latest projects, up coming classes, new etsy items and also have some special guests. we have a giveaway - watch the videos for the details on how to win :) the link is above, please check it out and leave a comment if you would like.

When we found out Scrapbook Lifestyle was ending, Leah and I both mentioned to each other that we felt as though we were losing many friends. If you are a scrapper or enjoyed the Scrapbook Lifestyle videos, I hope you check these out. We are working on video #2 and it is turning out even better!! Leah's boys and my girls both enjoy the show iCarly on Nickelodeon, and we decided to try a show sort of like iCarly, except we will talk about scrapping and photography instead of boys and clothing styles :) ha ha.

**WARNING: this video is very home made looking, but we are quite proud of ourselves and hope the videos are a source of information and inspiration.


OK, for all you fans of Scrapbooking and / or Scrapbook Lifestyle....
Leah Fung and I have a big surprise for you very very soon.

check back later- maybe even in just 7 or 8 hours from now