Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun Keychain for my new key

got a new vehicle and I just had to have a special key chain, so I made this darling little key chain with Around the Block products.

it says "Live with Passion"

I used the keychain part off the "Brads in a Bag" and two charms which I attached to the chain. I added the 3/8" size eyelets to each of the woven labels with my cropodile. I added two flower brads to the i in live and then glued them back to back.

Fun - darling and perfect for my new key!!

I love my MPG!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

hey everyone

hey everyone, I am going to be posting a few projects I finished today or so.

Tomorrow is a critical day for me, please pray for strength and peace for me and that God's will is done.

just a little something to maybe make you smile:
Hallie was at a birthday party and apparently there was political discussion between the 7 year olds while relaxing by the pool.

Hallie told me and Davi that a child said "if Obama becomes president he wants to get rid of all children under 10"

I explained that wasn't accurate and it couldn't possibly happen even if he is elected.

Davi responded: "Hallie, the president just can't get rid of all kids under 10...but if its true I am glad I am 11!"

ha ha

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

True Girlfriends

Leah's son took this photo, I love it - but have to say I don't think my head is quite that large, and Leah also has a normal size head in real life. we weren't standing parallel with the camera, but I just love how happy we look none the less.

Donna Salazar, Leah Fung and I taped 4 more videos for Leah's blog over the weekend. I had such a great time, so fun, so relaxing!! we laughed sooo hard. you will not BELIEVE what I worked on. cant wait for you to see!

the girls played wii and nintendo ds. Hallie came up and wanted to watch while we taped, and promised to be quiet...ummm...the next few videos will contain some laughs and a sneeze from Hallie in the background :) ha ha- so cute.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Sunday

Hey, Leah Fung, Donna Salazar and I (Johanna Peterson) are filming today, we are going to have a bunch of great videos for you soon.

I will be helping at Yellow Bird Scrapbook Store on May 3rd NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY...some of you may be unaware that there is actually a national scrapbook day here in the US, but there is :) you can call the store at 619-579.7422

they are having a class kick off at 11am-1pm and if you sign up for classes at the kick off you will get 10% off your class fee. I am going to be teaching my recipe mini book (with the pot holder covers) on may 22nd at 6:30 pm.

the best part of NSD at Yellow Bird is you could win a free spot on their Scrapbook Cruise in January 2009!!! I will be teaching on the cruise!! We are going to scrap and eat and cruise to Cabo San Lucas!! I have already packed my bags! :)

one last thing, if you get Better Homes and Gardens, Scrapbooks Etc. - I have a layout on page 112 of this month's issue :) I haven't received my copy yet, but a lot of friends are telling me how cute Missy looks. I think I am going to run by the grocery store or Costco today and get a copy (Costco sells single copies of SBEtc)

until later!

Johanna Peterson

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Girl Friends Weekend video is up!!

hey everyone, here is your peek at the GFW event held at Ever after Scrapbooks in Carlsbad, ca.

you can use this link or use the link to the right "Leah and Johanna's scrappy videos" there is a small peek at all the make and takes and classes. there are a few out takes at the end - Leah did a great job editing.

thanks for watching :)


until next post I remain my scrappy self :)


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ask a question...get an answer

I had a bag of granulated sugar out on the counter, I had used some for a dessert I had made, and wasn't quite sure if I needed to add a bit more sugar, so I left the bag out.

Later on,I had been hanging up clothes and when I walked in the kitchen, I looked at the counter and there was sugar all over the counter.

I asked:"WHY is there sugar all over the counter"

Davi: "it kept falling off the spoons because we were laughing"


Davi:"yeah...spoons, they work better than FORKS to eat sugar"

the girls were eating sugar right out of the bag and laughing :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thank You!

Just a "virtual thank you card" going out to everyone who has prayed for me, helped me, supported me, given me encouragement, read my blog, ordered from Etsy, taken one of my classes, listened (patiently)to me whine, given me shelter, been a friend and/or emailed me.

Thank you.

All of your support has meant more to me than you probably can imagine. My life is so much better than a year ago and I am finally optimistic about my future. Each day is the possibility for a new blessing in my life.

I thought I would share this thank you card with you. I made it for the people who have given us a home for the last few months. Their generosity is unparallelled. But I cannot take credit for the darling paper crafting extraordinaire friend, Candice Carpenter showed me a card she had made a card for friends who let them stay in their guest house, and I thought it was serendipity. She gave me the chipboard houses and glitter stars and I just rotated the colors. Looove it!! Thanks Candice and thanks everyone for being there for me :)

We have a name!!

thanks so much for the great suggestions for the names for my friend's horse :)

Linda chose "GRACE". She thought it was fitting since she had been rescued and essentially has a "grace period" and God extended his grace and she is not at a slaughter house.

Linda now tells her "Goodnight Gracie" when she gets her ready for the night.

Thanks for all the suggestions, and Lovebug Kat, email me (or post a comment on my blog and I wont publish it) your address and I have a nice RAK for you. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lots - O - New Stuff

Ok, we are on such a roll!
there is a new video up on Leah's Blog , or you can use the link to the right for "Leah & Johanna's scrappy videos". This video we talk about our first and last page. OMG! Donna's first and last just blew me away. I would never have believed the same person made them.

here is the project I made for Girl Friends weekend, I am putting some of these kits on etsy very shortly (later today hopefully)

One of my new Girlfriends, Connie, made this little recipe book at the Girlfriends weekend and she doesn't really cook a whole lot, so she is going to use this book for "Recipes for a happy life" - what a cute idea!! :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Girl Friends Weekend!!

wow, it was sooo much fun, I had no idea it would be so amazing. I made like 40 new girl friends. I am honored and humbled that so many amazing scrappers came from all over california and arizona to attend this event.

We had a group of very talented and accomplished scrappers join us, including Pam, Amy , Kellie and Angie Dunn who just wrote a book!! her new book "lifted" is amazing and you should check it out. I will give you more details about the book later on.

there were 6 make and takes, 5 classes and a photo workshop.

the food was INCREDIBLE and I ate alllll weekend. I didnt bother to get a plate for the chocolate fountain, I just stood at the fountain dipping my bannanas, strawberries, cake...

the best part was meeting all the ladies and making friends, I left the event sooo tired, but totally on cloud 9 (little fiskars plug) ha ha.

thanks to all our sponsors:
EPSON, who was so generous to donate an Epson Picture Mate for our use. The ladies loved it and we had a great time printing and scrapping. Leah had a make and take that used a 3x3 photo and the ladies were impressed that the Epson Picture Mate had the 3x3 photo capability. Getting to use the Picture Mate hands on and see the amazing quality and speed was truly a gift. It was very user friendly and we printed sepia photos, wallets, we cropped, lightened, sharpened our photos. Thanks Barbara & Katie.

Chartpak/Frances Meyer - again, thanks Lana, your box of Frances Meyer and Chartpak products was beyond generous. EVERYONE LOVED the amazing colored pencils, water color pencils, rub ons, paper, burnishing tools, self adhesive ink jet paper, 2 way glue...I would say the burnishing, rub on tool was drooled over all weekend and the winners of the prizes were very very happy.

Around the Block! thanks Jennifer for the totally cute and fun make and take!! Never in my life has anyone ever sent me a make & take with the pieces all cut and included adhesive for us to use :) I felt very spoiled. Everyone LOVED the cards and Loved the great phrase paper, the big brads and the inker & sanding tool was a HIT!!!

we will have videos soon on Leah's Blog (there is a link to the side) Leah & johanna's scrappy videos) very soon of all the classes, the make and takes and the entire weekend. check in soon.

Big news....we are organizing a second GFW in VEGAS!!! in August!! more details to come.

Second Chance

My friend Linda got a horse, she is a "foster mom" for a horse that was at auction to be sold to a feed lot/slaughter house. Her friend Audrey, (not to be confused with a big scrapper named Aubrey) is a very passionate & dedicated person and runs a non profit organization that rescues horses that are going to be sold for meat.

We dont have slaughter houses here in the US for horses, but the horses are trucked to Canada & Mexico and they are not given food or water on their long journey.

so sad.

The horse is a mare and she doesnt have a name. If you have an idea, could you leave a comment??

the girls are so excited to ride her. She is sweet and very tame.

there is a name for people who are cruel and inhumane to animals.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

NEW VIDEO...finally

wow, its about time, we havent posted a video in what feels like forever!

we posted a teeny video on Leah's Blog. There is a link to the right on "scrappy videos" or

its really short and just a funny edited out clip, but I hope it brightens your day. Please check it out.

Next week we are posting "First and Last Layouts" - Leah Fung, Donna Salazar and Johanna Peterson (me) all share our very first scrapbook layout and our latest page too.

Also, we are filming at the Girl Friends weekend event April 5 & 6, held at Ever After Scrapbooks in Carlsbad, CA., so we will have those videos to share too.

Thanks for watching and tell a scrappy friend that we have a new video up :)

hugs! Johanna

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

update & Girl Friends Weekend!

1-just a quick note to let you know there is room to sign up for the Girl Friends Weekend event this weekend (5th & 6th) - there are details further down on my blog.
Leah Fung, Wendy Reed, Candice Carpenter, Donna Salazar and myself are all teaching.

Call Ever After Scrapbooks at 760-433-9313

#2- I will be putting new projects up at etsy after the GFW event. suuper uber busy preparing for that.

#3- Got the greatest box of Around the Block product ever!! I am diving in and will have lots of projects to share soon! wow!! thanks ATB!! When I opened the box I was squealing and had to sit down. my girls were squealing too. the cat hid under the bed.

#4- we are going to put a new video up super soon. my internet makes it difficult to load to Youtube, but we will get it going again :) we have like 3 videos ready to show you and then after the GFW we will have many more.

#5- SCRAPAFAIRE starts today. just follow the BHG link to the right. Registration is free this year, so you can chat and shop for free. I met and made a lot of scrappy friends last SAF

#6- I am doing well, had a little bump in the road this week, literally, but I am not worried and happier than I have been in years. despite my day to day troubles, my life is better than ever and I feel like a whole new person.