Saturday, September 30, 2006

Scrapbook Lifestyle eve

**insert Beethoven music here**

well, its only a day away and when I think about it I get light headed

cant wait to see it and then I start freaking out too- wondering what I look like.

I hope you all watch- it starts Monday Oct. 2nd (my nephew's birthday **Charlie turns 10!!)

-oh, watch the show, not my nephew's birthday

its and I have a link to the right of like the first post.

I personally cant wait to see, since they have so many things planned for the season.

thanks for watching - j

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Waiting for the tooth fairy

Queen & Co. tooth fairy box
love this little container.

Can't take credit for the idea- my totally creative friend Wendy reed made one for her son one out of a chic charms/alphabettys container.

what a perfect idea for us moms with kids with teeth just dropping out on a weekly basis it seems.

at our house the going rate is $5 (all gold dollars)

I used a sassy sequin 2 sided container to make the box.

I added Queen & co beads, charms, jump rings and alpha bettys.
oh and I used a ton of glitter :) I looove glitter.

the best part is I used the crown on the top lid- and I just laid the wand handle on the cross part of the Q.

Thanks so much Wendy! I thought it was such a cute idea since Hallie has not one, but two loose teeth!

Wendy has a son, so hers was not completely covered in glitter :)

I think the tooth fairy will love the beads and glitter- a bit of bling for the tooth fairy.

I wanted to go with a fantasy, princess, fairy, magical look. Hallie loves it and saw it right after I took photos of it, I placed two gold dollar coins in it for the photos. She looked at it and said, "can I have it now?" I said yes. She asked "does it come with money included?"

Friday, September 22, 2006

Wind Wishes

latest Queen & Co layout.

wasnt sure about it at first, but as the day has worn on I love it. Shane wasnt thrilled with it- he said "it's just art, its not really a scrapbook page"

what do you say to that?? I told him true, but I love it- I enjoy having a 12x12 piece of paper be my "canvas" for my latest creation.

the clear flowers are hard to see, but there are several on the layout.

of course 99% of this is Queen & Co.
I used:
fab flowers
sassy sequins
love letters
chic charms
mini sprinkle brads

the pattern paper is Sandylion

I wanted it to seem like you could see each wish as she is making it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I am a huge dork- but its a big deal to me :)
I touched my forehead to the floor tonight at yoga doing this posture!!!!!- not the top of my head, but my forehead (which is a longer distance to stretch) - ok this is a huge deal- it has taken me over a year to do this!!! I have been way close - but finally did it!!!

it looks easy-
it soo isnt-you stand on your hands and your legs are straight/knees locked and you try to touch your forehead to the mat.

I know you are thinking D-O-R-K right now :)

**oh yeah that IS NOT a photo of me!!** ha ha- wish it was :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

its a yoga thing

made this layout a while ago, about a year ago, I only had been doing hot yoga for about 2 months and was so impressed with the changes it brought to my life - I made a scrapbook page about it. I had submitted it for an "Athlete in you" call, it didnt make it, but I still like the layout. Guess they didnt think I looked too athletic

makes me laugh though, since I can do the poses so much better now. today I really did the best I ever had at standing bow pulling pose. You can totally tell in these photos I was a rookie yogi :) ha ha

I never thought I would go to yoga- hate the heat, couldnt touch my toes, never been very flexible .... I guess never say never

the journaling on the layout reads:
I am often introduced as “she’s the one that does
the HOT YOGA”. Why would anyone willingly go
to somewhere called “The Torture Chamber”?
90 minutes of yoga in a 110 degree room. 26
postures all done twice, simply known as Bikram’s
Yoga. Why do I go 5 & 6 times a week, even two
times a day? Why do I love it?
A: Because it makes me feel amazing. I feel as
though I have traded in my old body for a brand
new one. I feel 10 years younger. Hot yoga is by far
the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.
I have learned to push myself beyond my limit. I have
discovered I am capable of much more than I ever
imagined. I am more focused and I am able to relax
and distress my mind. I have become stronger, a happier
person, and more confident. For the first time in my
life I love to exercise. It strengthens my mind as well
as my body. It Challenges my determination and
mental fortitude. It is empowering, I feel as though
I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. Yoga
challenges your mind and body to go beyond what
you believe can be accomplished. I cannot do as
much as I would like, but each time I practice, I am
just a bit closer. This is not simply a sport I like, now
it is part of my daily routine. Now it is Yoga for LIFE.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

wow- what a trip!!! the kids had sooo much fun!!

we stayed at the mandalay bay and spent a lot of time at the pools, wave pool (fake beach) lazy river and shark reef. funny thing is, that living near the beach my kids were so excited about going to the "fake beach" and shark reef even though we have Sea World passes. go figure.

I think the best was arriving in las vegas at 10 : 30 pm - it took us a long time to get there since there was thunderstorms almost the whole way there- and I am walking through the lobby/casino of the Mandalay bay hotel with 3 kids - all go to private Christian school, but Hallie and Davi were dressed in their plaid pleated skirt/jumper uniforms :)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

taping Scrapbook Lifestyle

what an amazing 3 days for me. really an experience of a lifetime.

never in a million years did I think I would end up on a scrapbook show for Better Homes and Gardens. me.....

October 2nd is the day. I hope you all watch- or second thought- if I look way dorky maybe dont watch :) ha ha- if I look dorky- no suprises there

the other two girls on my team melissa runcie (lavendar) and stephanie barnard (green) were amazing and knew how to make me feel like I was doing great.

of course I couldnt have done this if my hubby, shane hadnt held down the fort for over 3 days while I did this :)