Saturday, July 25, 2009

Focus on Photos Volume 2

Hey everyone, Leah, Donna and I made a new photography class on CD!! It is approximately 1 hour, with over 60 still photo examples, and expanded notes. You can order it here for $15! and.... If you already have volume 1 we are offering a 50% discount, just email me and we will set you up with the discount.
BUT WAIT! there is more- we have a preview of the new CD on the the girlfriends blog, and if you leave a comment on Youtube or on the Girlfriends blog under video 75 we are giving away one of the Focus on Photos CD's!!
I get asked the following question quite often, so I thought I would share the answer:
"why are my photos blurry when I turn off the flash and take a photo indoors? How can I fix it?"
when you turn off the flash, your camera needs more light, and defaults to a setting that the shutter speed is too slow. to compensate for more light, it is taking the photo for a longer amount of time. to help let in more light find your ISO setting. You may need your manual to find your ISO setting -toggle or arrow up to a higher # - if you have never moved it - it is at an auto default of 64 or 100. move up to 400, 600, 800...this will let you have more light in via sensitivity to light. this will allow your camera to need less light via shutter speed, which will allow it to shoot the photo for less time. I hope this helps, the CD Focus on Photos covers all of this and gives you examples. it may be helpful to get one :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

VBlog 74

Hey everyone, we have a new video up at the girlfriends club blog. You can use this link or the one to the right. We all created something with the latest Pinecone Press kits that go with the H2o book.
Be sure to check back here or at the Girlfriends Blog on Friday, we are posting a VIDEO Photo Friday. I have been slacking on the Photo Fridays, I have been having computer issues and it was so much easier when I had wifi on my lap top. something happened and knocked out the cable and wifi all in the same day, and we haven't been able to get our wireless router working again..?..!
Hope you are having a great summer...
your scrappy friend, Johanna Peterson

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lazy days of summer

Hey, hope you are having a great summer! We are enjoying the long days, swimming, water balloons, watermelon and no school!!
Don't forget to sign up for some fabulous classes at the Red Bee event! August 14-16th.
If you sign up for 3 or more classes, you will receive a $15 gift certificate for the Red Bee!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Santa's Summer Splendor!

This is something you do NOT want to miss!! To get a jump on Christmas, Candice Carpenter, Stephanie Ackerman, Donna Salazar, Leah Fung & Johanna Peterson (myself) will all be at the Red Bee August 14-16 for the most delicious 5 classes EVER!
I am teaching a "Joy To The World" Christmas banner. It is soooo yummy!! My class is Saturday the 15th. $25.

Candice Carpenter is teaching this darling card, 2 gable boxes and layout class! You will definitely want to take her classes, they are full of great inspiration and super clever techniques! Sunday the 16th.

Leah is teaching this super cute, super clever, so cute I could eat it, retro "Holiday Traditions" organizer. It holds a CD, places for addresses, recipes and more. If you haven't taken one of Leah's classes, you should treat yourself! She is an amazing teacher!!

Donna Salazar's class is 6 amazing cards and a darling decorated box! She is using her own line of products in this class!! woo hoo!! be the first to get your hands on some of this line! Get a jump on your Christmas cards with this class, you will learn some great techniques from Donna, the Queen of Distressing!
Saturday August 15th

Stephanie is teaching this oh-so cute "25 Days of December" book. She will be teaching this 25 day Christmas Journal - a way for us to document the every day moments during the month of December. I love the journaling aspect of this. Sunday 16th.
Friday the 14th will be make and takes and all sorts of fun things!!
More Info: Call {714} 838-1200 or visit if you are lucky enough to be in the Southern California area, make a point to join us at this amazing event.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hey everyone

My internet went down, wifi and cable..?? no one can explain it, still working on getting the wifi back up. If you emailed me - I apologize. When I got my internet back up, I had 241 new emails, which I am still sorting through.
Hmm...anyone recognize the little girl on the cover?? The June Cover of the Pine Press "H2O" book has my own little Hallie on it :)
If you haven't joined the Pine Cone Press Book Club, you should consider it. Each month you get an idea book, Kit A and Kit B - all for $28. If you are local, starting in September I am going to host the Book Club at Yellow Bird Scrapbook Store. This is going to be a great class (social event) :). OK, time to come clean. All of you scrappers know, that the "classes" and "scrapbook crops" are just a front for a social gathering :)
Check out the new classes offered at yellow Bird Scrapbook Store here - Leah Fung is also teaching at Yellow Bird in Early August! She is teaching her fab little Girlfriends / Friends & Family address book that was featured in the May Pine Cone Press book!
Did you see the last Girlfriends Video? here is a link. I made some embellishments using Crepe Paper!