Tuesday, November 28, 2006

poor neglected blog

I have been shooting in Los Angeles for Scrapbook Lifestyle and went to Los Angeles for training at Epson. wow- amazing, generous sponsors of the show, they trained us how to use all their latest printers, picture mates, scanners... and gave us equipment for our own. wow. I printed a large format photo- 12x12- amazing detail and clarity, I am officially in love!!

This week on Scrapbook Lifestyle we are working on the studio portrait album, I think my pencil-bead technique will be aired later this week

I have been sick, fighting a cold and finally gave in.

Davi is playing the clarinet so beautifully- I can understand what songs she is playing :) and hallie sings along.

Hallie had a physical, all is ok, she has perfect hearing and better than perfect vision! (which is sooo nice considering most of my family wears glasses and shane has contacts)

My friend Judy had her baby- Emmerson :) yay judy!! cant wait to see that baby when I am feeling healthy!!

Rained here yesterday- a bit out of the blue, nice change of weather, just a few days ago it was like 92 degrees, and dry as a bone. I really like the rain.

Gearing up to shoot season 2 of Scrapbook Lifestyle!


Monday, November 13, 2006

cool exercise

sophia at 2peas posted this and challenged us to put it on our blogs as well - the pink is what we were to fill in

one. I am blessed
two. my mom knows me best

three. I feel optimistic today
four. the most important thing in my life is my family
five. I always carry lip gloss, band aids and vanilla hand lotion
six. I think tomorrow will be the best day ever
seven. I’m at my happiest when with friends, scrapping or listening to my kids laugh
eight. on a Monday morning, you can find me at hot yoga
nine. my favorite food ingredient is chocolate or vanilla
ten. my eyes are green
eleven. my favorite material possession is my digital camera- it helps me record my blessings
twelve. to relax, I like to take a hot bath
thirteen. the town I live in is unique
fourteen. my worst habit is drinking too much coffee
fifteen. my guilty pleasure is diet coke
sixteen. when I look at someone, the first thing I see is their sense of humor
seventeen. I think I have the best friends in the world
eighteen. I can live without second hand smoke- eeeeewwww
nineteen. I wish I had housekeepers
twenty. my life is a circus :)

Queen & Co contest

there is a contest on the Queen & Co blog. there arent tons of entries, so I think the odds are way good :) here is the blog address or to the right is a link to Queen & Co too

good luck ladies (and gents if you are scrappers)


Sunday, November 12, 2006

need a url ** sigh**

Monday, November 06, 2006

childrens choir

Davi sang today in childrens chior-

they practice every sunday (and she earns extra credit in Choral music at school). this is the church her school is at.

she is second row from the bottom- at the very end near the flowers. you can see her sing at http://shadowmountain.org/content.asp?mid=88&id=2779

just go to the link and then click on NOv 5 - the best shot of her was only in the live streaming video at 9 am, the one they show is the 10:45 service that didn't show her much. she was best seen at o:30 on the video, before the childrens choir actually started.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

ice cream in november

the girls love to go to the Cold Stone in santee by the trolley. they eat their ice cream and play in the fountain.

now that it is november, they cant play and get drenched like in summer.

they play games they have invented and I usually drink a chai tea latte from the starbucks next door.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Candy Begging Night

This year for Candy Begging Night, um, I mean Halloween...

Hallie wanted to be a Hula Girl or Lilo (from Lilo and stitch)

Davi wanted to be a Jellyfish, a moon jelly to be specific.

to start with, umbrellas are hard to come by in San Diego, and when you do find the measly little selection of umbrellas, they don't sell clear ones.

Had to order one off the internet, but the good thing was it was wrapped in the large bubble plastic!! ha ha!!

did you notice HOW i cut out the bubble plastic??

the jellyfish had two lights clipped to the handle so the whole thing had the luminescent thing going on.

Hallie's costume was so easy - not much of a challenge for me :) that's ok, last year she wanted to be a car hop- the root beer floats were award winning :) ha ha

all night we heard "hey look - it's a jelly fish!" davi was just beaming and hallie did the hula for everyone.

to the girls this is a night to dress up and beg for candy from strangers and eat candy for dinner, but to crafty moms like me, this is our night...like the academy awards for actors. it is our night to shine.

Happy Halloween

and I know where you can get a slightly used jellyfish costume