Saturday, April 29, 2006

my latest and greatest??

not sure about this one, shane had a strange look on his face when he saw this, I think his comment was "embellishment vomit" - actually, its supposed to be my attempt at "freestyle"- bohemian, boho, was for the dt at Memories in the Making and we had a challenge to do a layout about ourselves. found these great new "doodley" rub ons (the crown and Me!" so wanted to try a freestyle layout to go with it. It got lots of love on 2peas, so I guess my attempt was mildly successful.

She's Baaaack!!!

davi arrived home last night safe and sound from her Sacramento/San Francisco field trip. I am so grateful to her chaperone, Beth Imming, who was the best possible person to take her. Not only is she very responsible, calm and patient, but she is a scrapbooker :)! they hadnt even boarded their flight and I think Beth had taken at least 20 photos of them! woo hoo!

they went to a California Mission, Sutters Fort, the state capitol (and the rest of the class saw the Govenor - Arnold Schwartznegger ) but my child was in the bathroom and missed it! ugh. They saw where Fr. Serra was burried, Pier 39, Alcatraz, Panned for gold (she has a vial of gold, iron pyrite, garnets and saphires) and saw the tallest building in SF, the Golden Gate Bridge, a science Museum and....very busy field trip!

Davi brought home her sister a clothespin doll like the settlers had and a music box with a crank for Hallie. very very cute, hallie loved it. She bought a sutter's coin (since sutters fort had thier own money for a while) a Chinese Fan from China town, and...lots of souvieneers.

Each student is required to make a scrapbook (they were each given a disposable camera with a flash) and write a report. Before she got home I bought her stickers, and embellishments for her scrapbook, got some of the cutest gold mining and tour bus Jolee's! sooo cute. I bought Katie some too, as a thanks for her mom taking care of Davi. Davi is very excited to make her scrapbook for school - (so is mommy - hee hee) Davi saved the napkins from the plane and reciepts for her scrapbook (trained her well). Davi told us all about what she learned on her field trip. She said she liked the resturaunts they ate at, but didnt really believe the waiter when she ordered her lunch. She ordered the tuna salad and asked if the tuna is "Dolphin free"? she said the waiter took way too long to respond, so she thinks he wasnt telling the truth! ha ha ha, only my kid would ask if the tuna is dolpin free :)

Scrapbook Lifestyle

wow, the first week of the show is complete now. So fun to watch!! I had people emailing me telling me congratulations - which was very cool since I wasnt even on the first episode :) . Cant wait for my turn! the format of the show is so fun, not all boring and "this is how you set an eyelet..." - yawn. Soooo happy to be a part of this project. I am sure it will not make me rich nor famous, but I love participating in a project that celebrates scrapbooking. Also, one of the best parts is all of the friends I have made. if you havent seen what I am talking about go to

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

old glory

went out to check if the mail had come and walked out to see this!

The breeze was blowing the flag so perfectly and the sky had white puffy clouds, and the little brass eagle was perfectly posed.

Ran back in to grab my camera.

if you would like me to email you this photo, just let me know. this is going to look great on a scrapbook page!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Monday is the day!!!

the first episode of Scrapbook Lifestyle is ready to be seen on monday. If you put your email in the system, it will email you and tell you its ready. I saw all 5 episodes and I am sooo impressed - and I am not biased one bit! very fun to watch, interesting even if you are a beginning or advanced scrapper. I am not on the first week, but cant wait for my turn!! :) stay tuned!

oh- ps: if you havent signed up, the show website is

Saturday, April 22, 2006

to dye for

here is my latest layout. I am going to post it on 2 peas btw. it was made for Memories in the Making, Santee dt challenge - use an advertisement for inspiration. I used a hampton inn ad. I will post it later on.

supplies used:
flowers, beads, big and small brads, anchors- Queen & Co.
stamps, paint and velvet letters: Making Memories
cardstock and rubons: Doodlebug designs
title idea: Aubrey harns

Friday, April 21, 2006


the girls had a jogathon today. "Race for Romainia". Meridian Christian has raised over $8,000 for the Halversons, missionaries in Romania. Through the fund raising of thier small school they have been able to purchase land and build a church and school in Romania. It is all part of the global vision they are trying to teach the kids. We tend to be so greedy and unappreciative of how much we have here in the USA.

Davi ran 10 laps and hallie ran 8. Thanks to all of you who sponsored the girls!! Davi and Hallie raised a total of $200!! - Hallie asked "what are they going to do with the money? , buy Barbies?" Davi asked "would it count to work the gatorade stand instead of run laps?"

this is the life...

photo by nely fok Nely just emailed me this photo from our trip to the beach. love it, reminds me why we continue to endure the high price of living here in San Diego.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

its beach time again!!

seems as though we here in San Diego have gone from winter, directly into summer. I suppose this is spring. It was 90 degrees here so my friend Nely and I took the girls to the beach. spent the entire day at North Island NAB. We had the entire beach to ourselves, which is pretty typcial for N Island. the girls built sand castles and Davi & Keleah boogie boarded in the freezing cold water. the water is so cold all year, but in april it is icy. I supervised as the girls boogie boarded, I was only up to my ankles. When I couldnt feel my feet any longer, I thought to myself, "if one of the girls needs to be rescued, I might just flag down a lifeguard"

Monday, April 17, 2006

working from home

working from home isnt all what its cracked up to be. when your kids are driving you nuts -drawing on your proposal to clients, or answering the office line and you hear "Um, my mommy cant come to the phone, she has been in the bathroom for a while" dream of the peace and quiet of working at an office. When your kids leave you alone and you finish work at 4pm and realize you failed to feed them lunch and see a empty box of Cheeze itz on the floor (lunch)...then you feel like the guilty mom. Today while working on digitizing some sidewalks, Hallie came in and said "here are some flowers - you dont have time to get outside much" broke my heart...but for a split second I thought "Damn! where did all those dandelions come from?!"

different kind of bunny trail

I dont think jelly beans taste very good. When I saw this toy I thought "FINALLY! a perfect use for jelly beans" poop for a wind up bunny. Just twist off his head, put like 5 jelly beans down his headless body and then wind him up. As he walks he poops out jelly beans. the girls loved it, very good entertainment value ($1 each). Davi was upset that hers didnt work as well (poop as fast) as Hallies. Hallie said "Davi, maybe he is confiscated!"

Sunday, April 16, 2006

maybe next year....

ok, this is like the 3rd year (not in a row..) that I have had to go to Walgreens at 10:30 at night to buy the plastic eggs for stuffing and hiding for the egg hunt. They are somewhere up in the attic, I saw them a few months ago and moved them - knowing I would need them soon. UGH!! 17$ in plastic eggs, now our collection of eggs is huge! after this purchase, I could seriously fill a bathtub with those suckers! When I find them remind me to put a sticky note on the attic door with the location of the eggs. BTW - Walgreens is the only place that you can buy plastic eggs 10 pm the night before Easter. walmart, target, vons are all sold out.

Walgreens must order extra for loser parents like me.

They know...

the girls told me they know there is no Easter Bunny. end of an era - 5 and 9 years old they know "mommy, we know the easter bunny doesn't really e-sist", as Hallie put it so eloquently. Davi pulled out the mental list of why she knew.

1. she saw me hiding eggs one year
2. she said the plastic eggs were the same ones, so how did the easter bunny get them to refill?
3. they sell all the stuff at the store
4. some of the items in their baskets had prices on them

so I guess I am not a slick parent, good at covert missions like pretending to be the Easter Bunny. Its ok, in a way it is nicer this way. I had them fill the zillion plastic eggs for the egg hunt. One more chore crossed off my list :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

coloring eggs

davi and hallie were so excited to color eggs. Hallie dropped the very last one and cried. So being the "fix it" mom, I let her color another

egg. I hadnt boiled it yet, but we just couldnt end it on that note.

Easter 06

Scrapbook Lifestyle

shooting the first episode, the crew was setting up lighting and going over details with Stephanie Barnard, Leah Fung and Angela Daniels.

Leah Fung, *me* and Gina Lovato

To say the least this is a surreal event for me. When I auditioned for the show, I just thought that was an adventure in itself. Never imagined I would be picked to be part of the cast. I am not sure how I fit in with this group of amazing talent. Had so much fun hanging out with the cast & crew. I feel like I have made 8 new friends :)

stay tuned, if you want to be emailed when the first episode airs enter your email address at

Friday, April 14, 2006

my latest layout

this is my latest layout, havent been scrapping much since I am really busy with work.

supplies used:
word brads, big brads, mini brads: Queen & Co
stamps and paint: making memories
flowers & acrylic flowers: Queen & Co
ribbon: Offray & SEI
frames, anchors and buckles: Queen & Co

Just love all the new Queen & co stuff, I ran out of my initial DT supply so I got mine here

had to have a photo

had to add a photo of me.

ok, I broke down

ok, I decided to finally have a blog. everyone (and their dog) has one, so I started one too. I dont think anyone will ever come read my blog like some of my celeb friends.