Thursday, July 27, 2006

Surfer girl

I just love this layout. I have been waiting to scrap these photos for almost 4 years.

when Queen & Co came out with the new Make Waves color theme, I knew it was time.

while at the beach, hallie was not quite 2, she watched some surfers. The group of surfers walked by - all carrying their boards. They paddled out and were soon surfing. She watched them so intently. We had brought Davi's boogie board along, but hallie went over and grabbed the little kick board we throw for our dog (sort of like a floating Frisbee).

Hallie set it down in the sand right at the edge of the water. She stood on it, patiently waiting for the water to come up so she could surf.

the water came up, but barely touched her board. She watched the water go out.

Hallie picked up the board, set it down 3 feet closer to the water, waited. Again, the water came up and barely brushed her toes. Once again, she moved the board closer to the water. This time the water came up, and the kick board moved just the slightest bit in the 1 inch deep water. She squealed with delight.

Got TP?

shane walked out to get the paper with his coffee in hand, this is what he saw.

love the plastic forks stuck in the dirt ???

I think it was girls, very detailed oriented and they were careful not to break the toilet paper as they tied it in bows around my license plate :)

also, they were not able to throw long or hard enough to TP our trees, they had to stick to tp'ing something low to the ground.

overall very creative and well designed, good coverage.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

more photos from CHA

most of the Queen Crew, Wendy's mom, Melanie, Jen Perks, Wendy and me {amber baley wasnt in the photo :( }

Amelia Ulmer, Executive Producer of Scrapbook Lifestyle making the big Better Homes and Gardens announcement

photos from CHA

me and my hot (yoga) friend linda collins (aka ms Adobe)
Leah, jen and I at the 2peas dinner

Jen being interviewed and videotaped by Erin Lincoln, you can see this on the CK website under videos :)

wow!! what a trip!

what an amazing time!! so much fun at CHA Chicago, I just love feeling like a part of all the excitement!

went to chicago with Queen & Co. worked the booth, love showing off that amazing product line!!so proud to wear my Queen & Co t shirt :)

had lunch with Cantata Books :)

Met Deb Jennis, Editor of Pine Cone Press in person!

met Heidi Schueler and Nikki Hobbs with Frances Meyer in person!

hung out with my friend Jen Perks (supa stah!!)

went to the 2peas dinner with Jen, Leah fung, Jylnne Hanback, Courtney walsh and met tons of sweet peas (get it??)

The producers of Scrapbook Lifestyle announced the partnership with Better homes and Gardens - Scrapbooks Etc. and introduced Leah and myself (wow!!!)

Amelia (the producer) brought the Editor of BHG/scrapbooks etc. Melissa Inmann and editor Polly Mally over to meet me (**sigh**) I am in heaven :)

got to see Vicki Boutin, amber Baley :)

my friend Johanna with Just Johanna stamps came by - hee hee, 2 johannas in one place at the same time?? what is the world coming to??

got invited to an Adobe photoshop party (amazing and quite swank) and loved talking with jessica sprauge :) we all got a free copy of photoshop 4.0!! wooo hooo!! way nice and generous

hung out with my best hot yoga buddie Linda Collins and all the adobe people

got to see my favorite rep. Robin!! she is the bomb! and always hooks me up with goodies :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Queen & Co

love this one, a friend of mine said it was one of her favorites of mine :) that totally made my day.

new Queen & Co.- Making Waves theme, sooo cute and useable for me right now, have so many water, summer photos to scrap.

a few of my latest

just love this one, - simple and artsy

the hook up (buckle) flowers, letters, shaped jump ring and brad is all Queen & Co

Saturday, July 15, 2006

that girl style

when I took this photo of davi, it just felt like Marlo Thomas with the scarf in her hair.

this is new Queen & Company products, Scrap in the City colors

I used fab flowers, beads, anchors, sassy sequins, mini sprinkle brads, sprinkle brads, bon bon brads, hook ups, flower power brads, chip board letters, sequin letters, and charms :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

my new purse

here is a few photos of my new purse :)

actually it is the new packaging the chipboard letters from Queen & co come in and I added some of the Q&Co beads, sassy sequin flowers and mini sprinkle brads, charms...I also gave it a new handle - the girls are fussing over who gets it after CHA, so I guess I am going to be making a second one.

photos dont do it justice, its like a tiny sparkly purse, and its heavily beaded with these frosty little beads. way cute :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Queen & Co sneak peek

Just loving all the new Queen & Co products!!

the totally talented Kelly Goree made this little photo composite for our DT

I took all the photos!

great new yummy products!

I will see some of you at CHA in just a few more days!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Make and Take

ok, loving how this turned out!

I am doing a free Queen & Co.
make and take at

Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway on the 15th. 12-3pm

hope to see all my local girl friends there!

you can do either style, one is folded over and looks like a purse and the other is a tiny traditional gift bag. they fit a gift card or any small special present. they both are out of a small matte finish flat bottom bag. way cute, way girly!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

where is the hidden camera??

ok, only me. these things never happen to ANYONE else. or so it seems...

went to wal mart for batteries, paper towels, etc. on the way out I was thirsty. they have 2 machines outside- one was all dasani waters for $1 or the other machine was Sams Choice water for .40 cents each. I asked the girls if they wanted a water and they both said no. (The entire machine was just water). So I put my 40 cents in press the top button, out comes a nice cold water. picked it up and **bonk**out drops another water, I was like "cool, 2 for one!** picked up the water. **bonk**bonk**2 more, then another and another.....

hallie yells "I didnt want one!!"

they are spilling out of the machine , rolling into the parking lot, I am trying to pick them up with both hands and they are getting dirty. I am attempting to stop them with my feet...

I look at davi to tell her to get someone from the store and she is laughing so hard I think she peed.

waters all over surrounding me, people are looking as they walk in - people coming out cant push their carts around all the waters...

an employee was alerted and came out and said "how much money did you put in??" thinking I wanted to buy the entire machine

he took over and I escaped home to get davi new pants.

GREEEEAT, I use up my luck on hitting the jackpot and its a Sams Choice water machine. there it goes, my one shot to win lotto, and I used it up on generic water.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


2,190 days here on the earth with us. that is a lot of hugs, kisses, band aids, juice boxes and otter pops!!

Hallie, you are such a free spirit. You look so grown up, you dont have many traces of looking like a preschooler.

you read now, you write now, you can make yourself lunch and get yourself dressed.

You still love carebears, dora and pretty pony.

You still love to be held and snuggle on my lap.

you love to paint nails and give me makeovers, you have decided I look best with "Blue Blush" on my cheeks (eyeshadow)--**yeah forgot and answered the door the other day, didnt know why the UPS man looked at me so strange.....

Happy Birthday Hallie

new cabinets for my scrap room

so happy to have more storage and not be able to see everything. love the fact there is less clutter. My parents gave us the cabinets and shane put them up for me. love the fact there are two pull down desks for the girls to scrapbook with me or if friends come over to scrap

**cough** cough** you know who you are

thanks mom and dad! thanks shane!!