Monday, March 23, 2009


This weeks video is all about cupcake toppers. As all of you know, it's all about presentation. these are just ordinary cupcakes, but I put these little toppers in them and BAM! (just like Emeril) they were gone. About half of them had a decoration on top and the other half were just plain, and the ones with decorations were eaten first.
So next birthday, Easter, or any regular day...make some cupcakes and then make them extra special with these little cupcake toppers.
The videos are all about how to make the cupcake toppers, we filmed it at Ever After Scrapbooks in Vista.
The Girlfriends Club website is LIVE!! go check it out, we are adding a calendar of where we are teaching and you can sign up for the June retreat in French Valley RIGHT ON THE WEBSITE!! also, you are going to be able to watch all the videos on the GFC website from now on.
Lastly, before I leave you for the night, my good friend Julie Ryver of JR Designs in Santa Maria tagged me. (working on the photo Julie!) I am supposed to take a photo of me in the mirror, as is and then post it on my blog and 3 things you may not know about me....
Here goes: I can do a back bend, at 40 - thanks to yoga, I can do a back bend :)
I have freckles on my leg that form the Big Dipper- true, you can connect them with a pen.
I love spicy food, martinis, red wine, coffee, yoga, Macintosh apples, jalapenos, feta cheese, ranch dressing and cottage cheese (not all at once, of course)
Now I will tag my friend Cheryl Waters, Angela Daniels and Wendy Reed.
Until later :) Johanna Peterson

Sunday, March 22, 2009

what's new?

Lots of stuff is new around here...

Sandy took this photo of me, it was not planned, so I didn't even put on make up :)

I have a photo class coming up on April 4th, 2pm at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store. You can sign up online- there is a link to the right --->

Leah Fung, Donna Salazar and I have an all day event at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store on Saturday, May 30th, its an all day crop, 3 classes and make & takes {they are now starting to call them 'stay & plays'} get the idea. Space is limited!! {I believe the max is 24} Call the store 619 579-7422 to reserve a spot!

What are you doing June 26, 27 & 28?? Let me tell you what you put on your calendar...You should join Leah Fung, Donna Salazar and myself ( Johanna Peterson ) at our 3 day retreat in French Valley. Space is limited to 40 and we already have some sign ups. This is going to be an all PRIMA event!! Prima products, Prima Donna Instructors, Prima flowers, Prima Classes, Prima Make & Takes, Prima Prizes, Prima get the idea :) Each person is going to be lavished with over $100 in Prima products. The location only can sleep 9 or 18 if you all share a queen size bed, so if you are planning on staying at the event, you really need to sign up early. I spoke to a lot of people at the Slumber Party Crop and about half of them have friends or family that live in the Murrieta or Temecula area they can stay with.

Leah, Donna and I are working on our first book ever!!! It will be published by Pine Cone Press and it will be out in May or June, I will be sure to let you know when it is out!! We are so excited to be doing our own book!! I am working feverishly on some projects. Everything needs to be wrapped up and shipped to the publisher in a few weeks!! wow!

The Girlfriends Club website is almost live, it will be at - there will be the video blogs, calendar of events, challenges, prizes, a gallery to upload your projects...etc!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scrapbook Royalty, Royal Slumber Party Crop

The Royal Slumber Party Crop was so much fun!! we raised over $20,000 for the Cancer Coping Center and San Marcos Boys & Girls Club. 150 very special scrappers joined us for 2 days of classes, cropping and tons of fairy fly bys!! Leah, Donna and I all taught a class and we taped some Video Blogs and Prima Studio videos. I personally had so much fun at the sleep over in the gym, it was so fun to sleep on air mattresses and then shower in the locker room! I haven't done a slumber party since Jr. High! We met so many scrappers that watch the video blog. I am more inspired and left tired, but energized about teaching, designing, the video blogs...thanks everyone for taking my class :) and attending the event.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Calendar Clipboard

Just thought I would post some photos of my project I am teaching at the Royal Slumber Party Crop in San Marcos, this weekend. The Royal Slumber Party Crop is the biggest event in Scrapbook Royalty's history :) yay!! I am so excited to be a part of it. I am teaching a seasonal calendar clipboard that you can hang on the wall. Hope to see you there!!
Until later...your scrappy friend, Johanna Peterson

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

countdown to...

I feel as though there are many things all approaching at once!! yikes.

the final push on getting my kits finished for the Royal Slumber Party Crop is here. It is Scrapbook Royalty's biggest event yet! Here is a link to the charity event this weekend. While at the Royal Slumber Party Crop, and I'm filming a class for Prima Studio where we will have a LIVE AUDIENCE!!!.

We have a new video up on Leah's Blog -->here is a link - Leah shows her amazing make and take banner!! and I show my mini banner on my Bon Voyage page that is a class at YellowBird Scrapbook store in April. I also show how to do the hair tie and skewer thing :) - hard to explain, just go watch the video.

Then I am working on a BIG project, I am not sure when Leah, Donna and I are going to announce this big news...but trust me, sleep is not really happening lately.
Leah is putting some of this DARLING bakers twine up on etsy later today!! 3 colors of bakers twine, blue & white, red & white, and my favorite...BROWN & white!! there is approximately 5 yards of each color on each peg, and then you can reuse the peg and wind more ribbon on it or make a little doll or...
Until later, unless I am permanently buried under a stack of clipboard kits....your scrappy friend..Johanna Peterson

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cruise Mini Book

Back Cover : Frances Meyer Paper, palm tree stickers and rub on. I added 2 silk flowers, a few punch die cuts, glitter "sand", a shell and put it all together with the Bind it All by Zutter.

This is the mini album I taught on the Yellow Bird Scrapbook Store Cruise. there is a video of it on Leah Fung's Blog (vblog #55)

I used a lunch box tin with Frances Meyer Rub ons to make it look like a "suitcase" - {it got a bit dinged up in the suitcase coming back from the cruise}

The cover I used several die cut shapes and Frances Meyer stickers and paper- we cut the title out of a roll of Lifesavers candy. {Frances Meyer stickers are on sale this week at Micheal's}

the first inside page is a mini accordion album - it is tucked under a skewer (like for cooking) and a hair tie (like for pony tails)

More Frances Meyer stickers, I added glitter and shells, and we water colored water.

Frances Meyer paper and some travel rubber stamp images. I still need to add 4 black and white photos to the page on the left. Love the camera sticker by FM!! it's my fave, being a photographer :)

Frances Meyer stickers, I added pop dots behind the pinata and a bit of bakers twine. the "paradise" is a Frances Meyer rub on. I added sequin flowers and some frond die cuts.

Frances Meyer papers (LOVE the palm tree paper!) rub ons, and travel stickers. I also added the inside of a really cheap party favor compass